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Corrected entry: Spoiler - When Jade Watson tricks Robin to activate the tower's vault, she traps him with techno-cuffs that are part of the room's technology. How was she able to hack or install the cuffs in order to do so, if she had no way to get into the room in the first place?

Correction: Considering it's a secure vault and a durable room, with those cuffs already being there, it's likely that with the silliness of the show and movie that the Titans sometimes just keep prisoners in there.

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Adding to this, it could very well also be that those restraints weren't made for a person in the first place. Considering it's a vault, it could have just been for holding something else, but used on Robin.

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Continuity mistake: At the premier of Batman's new movie, Batman Again, Robin steps on The Atom and squashes him next to the red carpet. A few shots later, Atom's squished remains disappear from where Robin and the Titans are talking and dancing.

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John Stewart: There was a Green Lantern movie. Uh. But we don't talk about that.

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