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Corrected entry: When the captain's assistant tries to give him a challenge coin he claims he only carries one from his previous ship, the USS Wichita. Just one problem. The Wichita was decommissioned on February 3rd, 1947 and sold for scrap in 1959. Captain Glass is not old enough to have served on the Wichita.

Correction: Firstly there's a more modern USS Wichita, active since 2016. Secondly the submarine in this film, the USS Arkansas, only started construction in 2018, the year this film was released, and it's hardly unreasonable for films to create fictional ships for the sake of the plot rather than use real ones.

Corrected entry: When they start to dive, they are leaning the incorrect way.

Correction: When you dive forward and down you lean backward. When you rise and forward you lean forward. It's part of "Angles and Dangles"

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Factual error: The helos bringing in the President were HH-65 Dolphins (used by U.S. Coast Guard) they should have been Kamov Ka-60 Kasatka. Also the side of the helo would have said военно-морской флот and not NAVY. (00:17:25)

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Question: During the final scene, Gerard Butler gets a Russian warship to fire two missiles upon Russian defense headquarters, blowing up the bad guys and ending the saga and movie. How did he do this? (02:02:15)

Answer: He didn't. He was hoping that the Russian crew would be loyal to the president and their former captain who were aboard the USS Arkansas when the Russian minister fired on the submarine.

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