Trivia: Billy's father is named CC Batson as a reference to CC Beck, co creator of Shazam.


Trivia: In the toy shop, Shazam steps on a floor piano and starts playing it with his feet for a moment. This is a reference to the Tom Hanks movie Big, where it is also a boy trapped in a man's body.

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Trivia: Billy's school is named Fawcett Central as a reference to Fawcett Comics, where the character originated.


Trivia: Director David Sandberg makes a cameo as Travis, the boyfriend of Billy's mom.


Trivia: The facility where Billy is training belongs to ACE Chemicals, frequently used in Batman stories.


Trivia: While Billy is talking with the social worker, on the desk are several yellow smiley faces, confirmed by the director as a nod to "Watchmen."


Trivia: Near the end, when Shazam is fighting Dr. Sivana (Mark Strong), Strong says "playtime is over" which is the exact same line he says in Kick-Ass (2010) to Hit-Girl.

Trivia: The researcher working with Dr. Sivana who is burned up in his lab is played by Lotta Losten in a cameo. She is director David F. Sandberg's wife, and he always gives her bit-parts to play in his films.


Trivia: There are several references to Mr. Tawny, a tiger who is the best friend of Shazam in the comics - a sticker of a tiger on Billy's back pack, the stuffed tiger at the carnival, and the buttons on Shazam's cape.


Trivia: Freddy has a newspaper that says "Caped wonder stuns city" from the Richard Donner Superman movie.


Trivia: The fallen champion mentioned by the wizard is a reference to Black Adam, an arch enemy of Shazam.


Trivia: The director makes a cameo as the voice of the worm mastermind.


Trivia: Even though Zachary Levi is the main character, he does not appear until around 40 minutes into the film.

Trivia: Shazam was not the name of a wizard in the original comics, it was an acronym from the Ancients who bestowed their powers to Billy Baston: Solomon, Hercules, Apollo, Zeus, Achilles, Mercury.

Trivia: In Freddy's room there are many references to Justice League storylines like an issue of Time Magazine referring to General Zod's invasion, and a Batarang.


Trivia: Director David Sandberg makes a cameo, playing all of the Crocodile Men.


Trivia: One of Billy's foster siblings, after gaining the Shazam powers, tries to fire a bolt of energy from his hands. He says, "Hadouken" as he attempts the attack-a reference to Capcom's Street Fighter series of video games. Later, one of the others says, "Finish him" upon the defeat of the main villain-a reference to the rival game, Mortal Kombat and the signature phrase of its main boss, Shao Khan.

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Factual error: Shazam catches the bus with his hands, but it lands on his hands and face by the windshield. This puts the entire weight of the bus being supported by just the front windshield held by Shazam's hands, plus the momentum of it falling from the bridge hitting him. No way the glass could support all that and not break. Especially since it already cracked from just a guy falling on it.

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Rosa Vasquez: Please don't say anything weird to Billy.
Freddy Freeman: You mean like how the Romans used to brush their teeth with their own urine?

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Question: Why is the character called Shazam instead of his original name, Captain Marvel? The character first appeared in DC comics in 1939 so, shouldn't the name belong to him and not the Marvel universe?

Answer: Fawcett Comics originally published Captain Marvel, not DC. DC sued, claiming the character was too similar to Superman, and Fawcett stopped publication in 1953, and sold the rights to DC in 1972. But in the intervening period Marvel had started their own "Captain Marvel" character and got the trademark for it, as Fawcett's had expired. So while the character remained technically called Captain Marvel, DC used the trademark "Shazam" in marketing, and in 2011 renamed the character to Shazam officially, as people generally thought that was his name anyway.

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