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Continuity mistake: At the beginning after the car skids on the road and stops on the left side there are trees and snow but not the road, however the truck hits them on that side.


Continuity mistake: After Billy catches the bus, argues with Freddy and leaves, the floor around the people besides it is dry, then wet, repeatedly.



Factual error: Shazam catches the bus with his hands, but it lands on his hands and face by the windshield. This puts the entire weight of the bus being supported by just the front windshield held by Shazam's hands, plus the momentum of it falling from the bridge hitting him. No way the glass could support all that and not break. Especially since it already cracked from just a guy falling on it.

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Factual error: When the young Sivana is arguing with his older brother in the car before the crash in 1974, the digital display on the car radio isn't accurate for that timeframe.

Other mistake: Towards the end of the film when they're at the fair, Mary refers to the Sins as "sins", but there is no way she would know that they are sins.


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Suggested correction: If you think about it, Billy shouldn't have known either. However he does posses knowledge of these after he transforms and receives the powers. It is evident that when the other children held the staff and said Shazam to get the powers as well, that it also came with some, at least limited, knowledge of these things.

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Agreed, except the scene I'm referring to takes place before the rest of the family get powers.


She called them "sins" before she held the staff.

Mary may not have known but Billy would, because old Shazam talked to Billy about how a previous champion released the sins into his world.

Other mistake: Shazam catches the bus and everyone's fine. But really, how is him catching the bus at a dead stop 6 feet off the ground any better than it hitting solid ground a fraction of a second later? He's not magically cushioning everyone on the bus.

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Continuity mistake: When Billy drops his notebook into the garbage can in the bathroom, it's open to the final page with his mom's possible addresses on it. But, when the other kid finds it, it's closed.

Continuity mistake: Before Billy hits the bus with the lightning the floor around the stairs is wet but the floor below is dry and has the sun on it.


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Continuity mistake: When Billy finally finds his mom and talks to her in front of her apartment, the door behind her changes from (almost) fully closed to much more open, to an intermediate state, and fully closed again at the end. (01:25:30 - 01:28:00)

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Other mistake: All the kids at the foster home are of very different ages, but they all go to the same middle school.

Continuity mistake: When the robbers enter the supermarket and start shooting Billy, in the following shots Freddy's distance from Billy changes, appearing closer in close up shots.

Continuity mistake: When Billy mimics a phone call to Shazam in front of his school mates, there's a boy with a blue jumper on the left who stands up and leaves. When the shot changes he is sitting down and stands up again.

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Continuity mistake: Young Billy has brown eyes while teen and adult Billy have blue eyes.

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Suggested correction: While I don't think it's expressed in the film, much of the film mirrors Shazam from the comics (mid 80's and up). I didn't see anything in the film to suggest it's what Dr. Sivana would have looked like or a default setting. In the comics, Shazam represents Billy's idealized self, not Billy as an adult. Same for the other kids. In the film, and comics, Billy also retains his adolescent personality to further indicate he's not an older version of himself.


Suggested correction: The "Adult Billy" isn't really an adult Billy, that is how Dr. Savana would've looked if he hadn't tried to take the Deadly Sins Ball. So the adult Billy figure is the default figure for anyone who passes.

All of his brothers and sisters are older versions of themselves (by both gender and ethnicity). It's not like Darla would have looked like Shazam had she been deemed worthy first. I could understand if you meant that they might not have all the characteristics (after all, older Freddy does not need a cane so eye color could be different) then I could buy that but older Billy is not the default for just anyone.

Continuity mistake: In Freddy's notebook of Billy's powers, the way they are written and crossed out changes. For example, when he writes and circles "Fire Immunity", the lines through "Laser Eyes" are different.


Continuity mistake: In school, Billy nags about being hugged by the little girl. She says 'sorry' and a girl with a pink backpack walks by. Then she vanishes and a shot later she reappears and walks by again.

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Continuity mistake: When the Sivanas' car is landing there is a "blink and you'll miss it" moment where we see the front of the car and its window is flat when it lands but in the next front shot the window has been bent fully forward.

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Suggested correction: I'm sorry but if you have to pause to see it then it's not a valid mistake.


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Suggested correction: When he leaves the sky is dark but not as dark as it comes to be later, at the carnival, which means it was just getting dark at the time, it didn't change all of the sudden.

He talks to his mother for less than ten minutes so there would still be light.

Could have been a while between going there and gathering up the courage to actually knock on the door. Just a thought.


Freddy Freeman: What are your superpowers?
Shazam: Superpowers? Dude, I don't even know how to pee in this thing.

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Trivia: Billy's father is named CC Batson as a reference to CC Beck, co creator of Shazam.


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Question: How was Billy considered "worthy" to begin with? When we first meet him, he is petulant, selfish, and cruel to anyone that wants to help him. Once he does get the power of Shazam, he becomes even more selfish, petty, and reckless.


Answer: He went out of his way to protect his new foster brother, who's disabled mind you, when he was being picked on by the Steven King novel bullies. He showed he had some virtue. And, on top of that, his other behavior, like stealing the police car, while bad, did have a noble reason behind it of him trying to find his mother. So he wasn't perfect, but he had some virtue. And, as the old wizard said, he was out of time and Billy was his last choice.

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Answer: In addition to the other answer, it's also a pretty common trope in films, stories, etc. for a character who is imperfect to be considered "worthy" or "pure of heart" not because of their actions but because of their potential to learn from their mistakes and do great things when given power. Billy is actually a pretty good example of this - he's brash and a bit selfish, but ultimately proves to be a capable hero by learning from his mistakes and growing as a person, thus ultimately becoming worthy of the power.


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