The Spy Who Dumped Me
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Audrey: Oh my god! I killed someone! I killed someone!
Morgan: Stop yelling that!

Morgan: Call the CIA guys!
Audrey: No! Drew said that we can't trust anyone and he's right, 'cause he's dead. Probably because I talked to them.
Morgan: No, it's because I let the assassin into the apartment.
Audrey: Okay, fair enough. It's both our faults.

Sebastian: Hand over the package and no-one gets hurt.
Audrey: Except for Drew.
Sebastian: Okay. It's not productive to keep bringing that up.

Morgan: You know, I was going to drive home. But now I think I just might drive into a wall.

Sebastian: You're called Morgan Freeman? I only just put that together.

Morgan: Mother, did you get the two dick pics I sent you?

Continuity mistake: When they're in the cafe in Vienna, Kate McKinnon's arms are all over the place depending on the angle. First shot from the front she's using a spoon and fork, then from behind her left hand is empty on the table. Cut to front, then back, and suddenly she's leaning on the table with her left arm while eating with her right. Then from the front both hands are suddenly empty and she's leaning forwards with her arms crossed. Side shot and the fork is back in her right hand.

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