The Meg

Trivia: Ruby Rose almost drowned during the filming of the underwater scenes.

Trivia: Although they play father and daughter in this film, Winston Chao is only thirteen years older than Li Bingbing.

Trivia: When Jonas is swimming out to the meg to shoot it with the tracker he is singing to himself "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..." This is the same song that Dory sings to Marlin in Finding Nemo.

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Trivia: Two Star Trek references for fans. First, one of the humpback whales is called Gracie (ST4: The Voyage Home). Moments later, pompous billionaire meets the station Doctor who is 'just like Bones'.

Continuity mistake: When Jonas is swimming the tracking gun out to where the Meg is circling, he dunks his head under water to look for the shark. When he surfaces, his earpiece has changed ears. When they cut back to him, it's moved back to the correct ear.


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Jonas Taylor: You're going to tell me your story and I'm going to say no. You're going to offer me money and I'm going to say no. You're going to try to appeal to my better nature and I'm still going to say no because I don't have one.

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