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Continuity mistake: Nice draws a line in the asphalt of the secret passage (cool idea, although there's no way that the bad guys can actually see that especially at a distance!). In the first overhead shot, there's a gap in the line. When the line is shown again next with the first baddie croaking before it, the line has already changed. (01:15:45)

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Acapulco: Hey ah, I'm in the middle of a conversation with the lady. All right? It's a party for two, so why don't you skip the fuck along?
Waikiki: You know I'm trying real hard to keep myself, to myself. But you're not going to make that easy for me, are you little man?

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Trivia: After the 'Produced by' in the credits, there's a brief sequence hinting at Nice being still alive - since someone with her hairstyle darts by.

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