Striking Distance

Revealing mistake: During the ending boat chase when Jimmy and Tom reach a small waterfall and go over it, their boats ramp up when they go off. There's no reason for them to do this other than stunt ramps put in place. And in several shots they go from nose up to nose down between shots. (01:33:01)

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Suggested correction: As they pass under the bridge they enter a part of the river that has concrete dams inserted just below the surface of the water, we see marker bouys warning of the danger and the flow of the river speeds up. When the first boat hits the top of the dam it acts as a ramp launching it into the air and into a lower part of the river. The hull springs a leak because of the impact.

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Lieutenant Vincent Hardy: Do you know what my dad used to say? Loyalty before all else exept honor.

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Question: Tom Hardy puts his shotgun shells in his mouth before swimming from his patrol boat to the larger boat. Why is this?

Answer: Because they'd be completely useless if he allowed them to get soaked by the water.

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But his head comes out of the water. So the shells got wet anyway.

Answer: That's not true but the shotgun shells he was using are waterproof.

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