Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Trivia: Tom Cruise broke his ankle doing the building jump in London. He was always intended to almost miss the landing and have to pull himself up, but his foot hit the side of the building and was forcibly bent at a wrong angle. Filming was held up for seven weeks. When he limps away once he has climbed up to the roof, he's not acting - that's the result of his injury.

Trivia: The voice heard during the initial mission briefing is that of director Christopher McQuarrie.


Trivia: Henry Caville sports pretty prominent facial hair throughout the film. He was actually contractually forbidden from shaving it off for the sake of continuity. As a result, he had to film reshoots for "Justice League" with a mustache and heavy stubble, and that film was forced to use (unfortunately obvious) CG effects to remove them.


Trivia: Jeremy Renner was meant to reprise his role for the film, after appearing in the previous two movies, but he was unable to due to his commitments to the film "Avengers: Endgame." It has been hinted that his character Brandt might return in a future film, however.


Trivia: The bathroom fight was supposed to be filmed over the course of four days. Due to the complexity of the stunts and issues during filming, it ended up taking almost a full month to complete.


Trivia: With this film, Solomon Lane became the first "Mission: Impossible" movie villain to appear in more than one film. He previously appeared in the prior film, "Rogue Nation."


Trivia: Including practice and filming, Tom Cruise jumped out of a plane 106 times for the halo jump he performs in the film.

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Continuity mistake: The scenes in London show the Thames river at low tide in some shots and at high tide in others.


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Delivery Man: Fate whispers to the warrior.
Ethan Hunt: There's a storm coming.
Delivery Man: And the warrior whispers back.
Ethan Hunt: I am the storm.

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Question: When they are in Paris trying to get Solomon Lane, shouldn't the signs on the police cars have been in French, not English?

Answer: They are in France. The French word for police is "police."

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