Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Question: How did they catch Nils Nelbrook in the hospital? They say he was in a car accident and Simon Pegg was driving the other car, but what happened?

Question: When they are in Paris trying to get Solomon Lane, shouldn't the signs on the police cars have been in French, not English?

Answer: They are in France. The French word for police is "police."

Question: What's the idea behind the name 'Nils Debruuk'? It's stated he's Norwegian, but 'Debruuk' doesn't sound Norwegian at all, more like someone from the Netherlands?

Answer: Nils Debruuk could be Norwegian by nationality, rather than by race if his parents, Grandparents, etc. immigrated to Norway. He may also be part Norwegian on his maternal side if his mother had a child by someone from another country. It is also possible his mother was full-blooded Norwegian and his father was half and had a non-Norwegian father. There's a number of possibilities. I did an Internet search on the name. In that form, I didn't find anything as a surname. There is De Bruuk, which is an area in the Netherlands.

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Continuity mistake: During the getaway in the 4-door olive-green BMW, in one shot, the driver's headrest is bent forward; in the next shot, it is shown back in the straight-up position.

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Trivia: The voice heard during the initial mission briefing is that of director Christopher McQuarrie.


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