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Question: Would any company in their right mind build a theme park (or any business for that matter) on a private island with a volcano? I know populated areas like Hawaii just assume the risk, but wouldn't a company that has the money to purchase their own island do their due diligence and make sure they won't be prone to a major catastrophe like that?


Answer: As it was stated in the film, the volcano had been dormant for many many years. Presumably even since well before the events of the first Jurassic Park movie in the early 90's. It was only recently, between the events of this film and the prior Jurassic World that the volcano had its surprise re-awakening.

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For sure, but dormant simply means that the volcano could one day erupt again, so wouldn't it be pretty foolish to gamble on building a multi-billion dollar theme park with the hope that the volcano will never again erupt?


One would think. But just look at our world's history. Like Pompeii, an entire civilization wiped out cause they lived at the base of a dormant volcano. And then even in more recent history. Mount Saint Helens, which I've actually been to and seen the exhibits and footage of it's destruction. Foolish, yeah. But that doesn't stop us from still doing it repeatedly.

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I think it's been made pretty clear over the course of all the films that the people building these parks did not exactly think everything through properly. They took a gamble on the volcano, and they lost.


Answer: The volcano has nothing to do with reality. It is a plot device more than twenty years after the original movie. It is contrived for the purpose of telling a new story. Trying to give a logical or scientific explanation is pointless.


Question: What is up with the auction scene? Knowing that dinosaurs are unpredictable, why would they want to sell them off anyway? What were people planning on doing with them; keep them as pets? Build their own park? Use them against their enemies? This scene makes no sense and plus, even with them able to make more and more dinosaurs, why keep selling them at all? I'm sorry for all the questions but this scene is just weird for me.

Answer: They were sold for the sole purpose of making hundreds of millions of dollars from the auction and future sales. The buyers had different reasons for wanting them: weaponizing them, for trophy hunting, private zoos, etc. The buyers' zeal in wanting such exotic animals overruled their sensibilities regarding how dangerous the dinosaurs were and the extreme conditions needed to manage them.


Question: Who is Maisey a clone of? I know her 'mother' died in a car crash but when she asked if her mother visited the park a long time ago, Lockwood answered with "a long time ago" and the camera pans out to a model of the original park.

Answer: Masie is a clone of Benjamin Lockwood's daughter. Benjamin's daughter did die in a car accident and when that happened, he wanted to clone her. But John Hammond was against the idea of cloning humans (which is why the partnership broke up). Once John Hammond died, Benjamin went ahead and cloned his daughter. Only, because of the amount of time that passed and his age, Benjamin tells people Masie is his granddaughter and the cover story is Masie's mother died in a car accident, which is why he's raising her. However, I do not know if Benjamin's actual daughter was also named Masie or if that's a new name. I got the impression that Benjamin's actual daughter died at a young age, and since he wanted to clone her right away, he kept the fact that his young daughter died a secret. So as far as most people knew, Benjamin's daughter grew up and had a child and then Benjamin tells people his (adult) daughter died in a car accident.


I think what they mean is if she was a character from the original movies somehow.

His daughter was not an earlier character in the other films. Lockwood is just reflecting on his late daughter, who he loved and misses. Like John Hammond's grandchildren, Lockwood's daughter likely visited the park at some point. His glancing at the original Jurassic Park model seems to be a reference to the cloning procedure that produced Maisie.


In the original movies, no, she's not a character (at least what I can recall). Benjamin Lockwood doesn't even appear in any of the original Jurassic Park trilogy films (I'm not familiar with the books enough to know if any Lockwoods appear in those stories though). In "Fallen Kingdom" it's implied Lockwood's daughter visited the island where Jurassic Park was built, meaning she would have done so prior to the events of the first "Jurassic Park" film.


Question: Why is everyone talking about the volcano making all the dinosaurs extinct? This technology has now existed for years and years - there would be backups, other clones, other labs. The plot of this movie seems to hang on the idea that when this island is destroyed all dinosaurs that have ever existed or might ever exist will be gone forever. Yes it's still no small thing for a lot of animals to be wiped out by a volcano, but people are acting like it's of much greater significance than that.

Answer: It had appeared that InGen, the company that developed the dinosaurs, had abandoned all of their research on the island when it was evacuated three years prior. They have, of course, been extremely secretive about just what they were doing, and were able to move much of their technology off-site without the world knowing about it, as there would be much controversy and obstruction to them creating more dangerous dinosaurs. It is assumed that anything that was left behind on the island is now being destroyed in the volcano. Of course, this is all a bit of a stretch story wise, but it is contrived in order to make the plot work for the movie. This is called suspension of disbelief.


Question: Would the volcano eruption destroy the entire island, or would some buildings escape unscathed?

Answer: It would depend on the severity of the eruption. But given how it looks in the film, with large scale ash ejection and lava flows. It's probably all the buildings.


Answer: As it's a relatively small island, it's most likely every building would, be destroyed, if not immediately. Hot lava tends to creep slowly but steadily, causing buildings and vegetation it touches to catch fire and then spread.


Question: What caused the monorail track to collapse?

Answer: There doesn't appear to be an explanation. It seems to be done for dramatic effect.


Question: At the end after the dinosaurs had escaped it was stated that it would become a 'Jurassic world'. There were no more dinosaurs than the US military could handle. So why so dramatic?

Answer: The dinosaurs were scattering all over the country and could nest a dozen eggs at a time. They're not dumb they know how to fight, hide and protect themselves. "Life finds a way."

The relatively small number of escaped dinosaurs could not scatter all over the country quickly, if at all. Dinosaurs have small brains and are incapable of understanding the modern world. Their size makes it impossible to hide while roaming. The military could easily find and destroy them. They are also females, and many are only one individual of their own species, and unable to breed. Although in 'Jurassic Park' it showed one species had supposedly changed sex and laid fertile eggs, that was an exception, was spurious science, would be rare, and it would take time to produce any significant numbers. There is also the lysine contingency plan. In Jurassic Park it was explained the dinos were genetically engineered to lack the enzyme lysine. If not added to their diet, they die. Actually, the dinos left on the other island should all be dead.


Answer: It's strictly to set up as excitement and anticipation for the movie's sequel. You're right that it's overly dramatic, deliberately so, and that there were not enough escaped dinos to pose a permanent threat. The military could indeed hunt them down and eradicate them.


Question: At the very end we see several surfers and in the wave is a dinosaur (mosasaurus?) about to attack. How did it get there? Was it a foreshadowing?

Answer: It's the same mosasaurus from the Jurassic World park. The mercenaries in the mini-sub that collected the Indoraptor bone at the bottom of the mosasaurus tank, entered through an underwater gate connected to the ocean. The sub team, who were killed, had left the gate open and the mososaurus just swam through, free to roam wherever it wanted.


Question: Why the fear of extinction because of the volcanic eruption? Weren't there still dinosaurs on Isla Sorna?

Answer: It wasn't about saving species from extinction as there was the technology to create more dinosaurs. It was a humanitarian effort to save the animals' lives. However, there were divided opinions on whether it was morally right to expend the money and resources to save and house animals that nature had already selected to become extinct and no longer had a place in the modern world.


Question: After the inevitable disaster had begun, Owen, Claire and Maisie became hunted by the indoraptor. Why did Owen turn off all the lights when making their escape?

Answer: It makes it harder for the Indoraptor to navigate and to see them as they attempt to hide and escape.


Question: Couldn't they move dinosaurs to Isla Sorna?

Answer: There are probably many reasons they didn't. There was extensive debate on whether dinosaurs should be allowed to exist as they had naturally gone extinct and artificially brought back to life, nor were they true dinosaurs. They are basically "invasive" species that affect the island's ecosystem. The costs and resources to move the animals would be enormous with no clear source on how to fund it. Also, Isla Sorna and Isla Nublar are not owned or governed by the United States, so the U.S. government's involvement would be restricted and controlled. Another factor, dumping a large amount of dinosaurs onto an island that is already populated by other dinosaurs would have further severe ecological consequences. As seen, private enterprises might finance the relocation, but they would do it for profit.


Question: Did I miss something? How did it only take 1 day for the cargo ship to get from Isla Nublar to Northern California?

Answer: The timeline was purposely vague and compressed to expedite the plot. A movie has a limited amount of time to tell the story and there was no reason to show the audience any more activity that was happening on the ship.


Question: Why is Claire upset with Franklin after he killed Dr. Wu?

Answer: He doesn't kill Dr. Wu, he tranquilizes him. And Zia was with him then, not Claire. Zia wasn't upset, just shocked.



Plot hole: There was only one T-Rex on the island. When Owen and the others are running down the side of the island escaping the volcanic ash, another dino tries to eat them but then the T-Rex shows up and kills it. This establishes the T-Rex was there in that spot. Owen and the others then wash up back on shore and find the soldiers loading the dinos on a boat and stow away. Then when Blue is bleeding out they have to get a blood transfusion and the only viable candidate is the T-Rex who is now captured and sedated on the ship. How did the soldiers capture, let alone bring the Rex to the ship from where it was seen by Owen back up over hills and rocky terrain? It would have been an all day process just to haul the T-Rex to the ship. It just magically appears on the ship after they stow away on it and can provide the blood Blue needs.

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Suggested correction: There was a shot showing the T-rex being carried to the boat via helicopter during the beach scene before the transfusion occurs.

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