Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell

Factual error: At the beginning 'researchers' are working on the 60th parallel in the province of nunavut. Nunavut is not a province; it is a Canadian territory. They appear to be working in the winter. At the 60th parallel, the winter would be almost dark and the sun would never be that high in the sky. Given that sun, it would be summer. In the summer, you would not have that snow cover.


Continuity mistake: When Rita is running toward the hanger in a scene that mirrors the first film, she is running on a long wood walkway. In the next shot however, she is on the dirt.

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Burt Gummer: Take a couple tablespoons of cement, and harden the hell up!

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Trivia: While "A Cold Day in Hell" was filming, Kevin Bacon, who co-starred in the original film, was working on a pilot for a "Tremors" TV-series, as he had long wanted to return to the franchised, but wanted to to move it to episodic television. Unfortunately, shortly before this film was released, the series was passed on by the intended network. Around the same time, co-star Michael Gross announced that Universal was already interested in producing a seventh film, should this sixth film be successful.

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