Love, Simon
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Ethan: You could have told me you were gay.
Simon: Guess I didn't think we had very much in common.
Ethan: You're telling me Simon. It's not like your all hoodie wardrobe rocks my world.

Abby: Wonder Woman in the hizzy.

Simon: I like your... your boots.

Ms. Albright: Suraj, stop pretending that trumpet is your penis. It is a rental.

Leah: Tell me about this guy you love.
Simon: You sure?
Leah: Yeah. It'll help me kill off hetero Simon in my mind.
Simon: You don't have to kill him off.
Leah: He's dead, Si. Hacking him up with a mental machete as we speak.
Simon: All right, fair enough.

Ms. Albright: I was an extra in "The Lion King" and this is where I am.

Factual error: Simon receives an email notification at the dinner table from Blue on his cell phone. The cell phone screen indicates that the time is 3:20, which is inaccurate for a mealtime because it is already dark outside and crickets are chirping when he excuses himself to go outside to get some air. (00:28:10)


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