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Continuity mistake: In the end, when Michael has grabbed Karen's ankle and is trying to pull her down into the basement, Allyson grabs a knife off the floor and stabs him. However, if you watch very closely, you can see she's already holding the knife in one shot before she grabs it. (It's the shot right before Laurie screams "I've got you!" to Karen.) You have to pay attention because it goes by quickly, but you can see Allyson lifting the knife into frame for a split second, even though she doesn't pick it up off the floor until about 15 seconds later.


Continuity mistake: Towards the end when Laurie and her daughter are in the basement, they look up to see light coming through the wood floor and see Michael's shadow. But in all the shots from the first floor it is a tile floor with no spaces for light.


Other mistake: The officers working at the Smith Grove Sanitarium have "police" on their uniform patches. When Michael Myers was boarding the bus to be transported to a different sanitarium the bus had a Corrections Department decal. Since corrections officers run prisons and jails along with sanitariums, the uniform patches should have said corrections, not police.

Audio problem: At the babysitter house, her boyfriend Dave goes out and finds a motorcycle in the garage to the side of the house. He goes in and starts it, revving up the engine loudly. Several shots while he's doing this show the babysitter and the boy sitting in the boy's room reading and they are unable to hear the motorcycle that's blasting its engines loudly. However, moments later when Michael stabs her in that room and she screams, he is able to hear her scream through the house, through the closed front doors, through the yard and into the garage where he was trying to pick the motor cycle back up. How was he able to hear her scream through all that but they couldn't hear the bike which was considerably louder?

Quantom X

Continuity mistake: During the scene when Aaron is pumping gas, the display on the pump is blank. When he's finished, the display suddenly shows the amount dispensed and the amount due.


Continuity mistake: When the podcasters visit Laurie at her home, there is a metal cage door in front of the main door. Later, when Michael breaks the glass on the main door to grab Laurie, there's no evidence of the metal cage.


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Suggested correction: The Metal Mesh door is there when the Podcasters visit, however, Ray leaves it open (as seen behind him) when he investigates the cop car.

Continuity mistake: When the podcast guys go to jail to visit Myers, the shadow he casts keeps swapping from pointing to a 12 o'clock direction to a 2 o'clock. This changes back and forth.


Continuity mistake: As Aaron and Dana drive to their meeting with Laurie Strode, the recording device Aaron holds in his right hand changes position several times as the scenes quick cut.


Continuity mistake: While Aaron and Dana walk on the esplanade of the house, the sun on the floor changes between shots.


Laurie Strode: Do you know that I prayed every night that he would escape?
Hawkins: What the hell did you do that for?
Laurie Strode: So I can kill him.

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Trivia: Allyson was seated in the same place in the classroom as Laurie was in the original, and even looks outside in the same way, this time seeing her Grandma instead of Myers.


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Question: Does anyone know which scenes Nick Castle is playing Michael Myers? I know he is Myers when Laurie tries to shoot him through the window and the after credits breathing was his. But is it him any other times?

Gavin Jackson

Answer: You didn't mention the opening scene; I'm sure you know it's him up till he gets his mask back, right?

No, it's not. That's James Jude Courtney playing Michael in the unmasked scenes.


Answer: Based on multiple things that I've heard, those are the only two times Nick Castle is on screen. He was mostly just there to help James Jude Courtney get the mannerisms down.


I had read in Halloweenmovies.com and other Michael Myers Instagram accounts that I follow, that was Nick Castle in the closet when the baby sitter Vicky opened the door.

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