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Corrected entry: The wolf and crocodile have added physical traits such as spikes and quills, but George looks exactly as he did before, with the exception of the growth.


Correction: How is this a mistake? George simply didn't experience the same random mutations as the other animals. Either that, or the genes of the other species were manipulated in a very specific way on purpose.


Corrected entry: Near the beginning, they say part of the space station crashes into southern Wyoming. They then show a title card that says "Casper, Wyoming." Casper is in central Wyoming.

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Correction: Parts of the space station crashed in several places. Later on, the wolf is discovered in Casper. A wolf that size and speed could easily travel a large distance in a short period of time.


Corrected entry: After the chopper crashes, Davis' shirt is very clean in spite of the dust. (01:22:50)


Correction: His shirt is not clean at all. It's got dirt, blood and rips all over it. Also a lot of that is ash, and the reason more of it is not on them is they were inside the chopper during the brunt of the fallout. So most of the bulk had settled by then. It's not unreasonable that his shirt would stay visibly white after that.

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Visible crew/equipment: While the team is investigating the space station debris at the wolf crash site, there is a low angle shot. The shadow of the camera is visible on one of the soldiers' feet. (00:21:50)

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Harvey Russell: Like my grandpappy always said: us assholes gotta stick together. (00:50:25)

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Trivia: When the Wydens are arguing about the loss or not loss of Project Rampage, she tells him to stop overreacting. As he's responding, you can see an arcade machine of the Rampage video game behind him. (00:18:20)

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Question: If the Wolf, the Ape, and the Croc were all exposed to the chemical around the same time, then why is it that the Croc grew to almost triple the size of the other two by the time they hit the city? The ape is bigger than the croc at normal sizes and the wolf is more or less the same size. So why did the croc get that much bigger than the other two?

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Answer: Perhaps the chemical has different effects on the animals that it is being exposed to, and the crocodile was mutated into a much bigger size than the gorilla and wolf. I don't think the movie is really expecting anyone to question this, but is really just done to give the protagonists an opponent to face.

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