A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place (2018)


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Marcus Abbott: You still love her, right?
Lee Abbott: Of course I do.
Marcus Abbott: You should tell her.

Regan Abbott: It. Won't. Work.

Evelyn: Your father will protect you. Your father will always protect you.

Evelyn: Who are we if we can't protect them? We have to protect them.

Lee Abbott: I love you. I've always loved you.

Evelyn: Where are they?
Lee Abbott: I'll find them.

Marcus Abbott: He'll come for us.
Regan Abbott: He'll come for you.

Other mistake: The construction of a staircase does not require a large nail at the site shown on the steps. Furthermore when Emily snags her clothes basket on the stairs it lifts a small nail up. How did it grow into a 2 inch fat nail?

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Trivia: At one point early in production, the film was going to be slightly retooled in order to make it the third entry in the "Cloverfield" franchise, following "Cloverfield" and "10 Cloverfield Lane." Eventually, this idea was dropped, and the movie was left as a stand-alone film.

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