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Batman and Robin is an oddity of a movie, with a cartoonish premise, poor acting, cinematography, action and all the rest. In this underwhelmingly-executed one, Batman and Robin face Mr. Freeze, Bane and Poison Ivy as they try to freeze the world AND stock it with aggressive plant-animal hybrids (?). It might have seemed OK on paper, but in real life it's a convoluted mess. Big stars but little else. Meh at best.

Erik M.

8.7/10. I grew up on Mr Schumacher's two Batman movies. I understand some people's dislike but I still loved both. I was coming of age and seeing someone like Uma Thurman playing Poison Ivy was nice. The story plays out like one of the comic books, everybody in there did pretty well. Yes the one time I can stand George Clooney. Some, like me, just enjoy this as a means of relaxation. It's way more entertaining than The Dark Knight Rises because it doesn't try doing any lectures about the economy and the class warfare. Rest well Mr Schumacher.


Utter garbage. I seriously considered designing the ratings system here to allow 0 stars purely so I could give this nothing, but decided this movie wasn't worth the extra effort! :-) I'm surprisingly tolerant of Batman Forever, but this followup is unrepentant swill.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Revealing mistake: When Batman places the heaters around the telescope to thaw the ice, the frozen floor moves like plastic when he places the second heater. (01:45:00)


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Poison Ivy: I must confess, the combination of heroic derring-do and anatomically-correct rubber suit puts fire in a girl's lips.
Batman: Why do all the gorgeous ones have to be homicidal maniacs? Is it me?

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Question: How does Ivy get Nora's snowflake necklace without getting her costume soaked in the cyro fluid or whatever it is?


Answer: Maybe she drained the cryo-tube first? Maybe she did get wet but had dried off by the time we see her again? Maybe Bane did it for her? Pick whatever answer works best for you. It's a really small, insignificant detail in the film with plenty of potential answers.


Thanks though keep in mind she wouldn't have a clue as to how it works since she's a botanist not a scientist in cyro genetics.


She pulled the plug on the thing so Nora died and the tank drained (either automatically or Ivy did it). She just took the necklace off the body.


Answer: She most likely used her mind control potion on someone and had them do it for her.

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