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Corrected entry: Leo's dad and sisters could not know where Kate's house was in order to find him.


Correction: There are plenty of ways to find him. They had just gotten his picture with Kate, showing it around town could help identify Kate and from there it's easy to find an address.

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Corrected entry: Eugenio Derbez is a rich and very famous person in the world, it's impossible that nobody recognizes him in the hospital.


Correction: At no point is it implied that Leo is famous. Rich, yes, but that does not go hand in hand with fame.

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Well he is famous actually somebody recognizes him at the beach.

Corrected entry: No keys are in the ignition when coming home from the hospital.

Correction: Plenty of modern cars have keyless ignition, where the key just needs to be inside the vehicle somewhere, then you press a button to start the car.

Other mistake: When Kate is taking the Medical-Surgical Nursing Exam, there are 2 separate #23 questions at the bottom of the page. (01:09:30)

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Molly: What's a pervert?
Kate: Nothing.
Molly: Can I have one?

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Trivia: When Dr. Fletcher is talking to Magdalena, he says there was a woman in the 80's who had amnesia. A reference to the original 1987 film, which was also set in Elk Grove.

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