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Corrected entry: Why the would cleaning company hold Kate responsible for her equipment? Surely they'd have listened to her story and sent Leonardo the bill since he threw it overboard.


Correction: This is a question, not a plot hole. The company may have loaned the employees the equipment under contract that employees are responsible for any damage or loss. In which case, they can go after the employee (which is much easier for a few reasons). It would then be up to Kate to go after Leo for any costs she sustained because of his actions. She may also have been an independent contractor and bought the equipment, in which case, she would be the party responsible for going after Leo.


Corrected entry: No keys are in the ignition when coming home from the hospital.

Correction: Plenty of modern cars have keyless ignition, where the key just needs to be inside the vehicle somewhere, then you press a button to start the car.

Correction: There are plenty of ways to find him. They had just gotten his picture with Kate, showing it around town could help identify Kate and from there it's easy to find an address.

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Correction: At no point is it implied that Leo is famous. Rich, yes, but that does not go hand in hand with fame.

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Well he is famous actually somebody recognizes him at the beach.

Other mistake: When Kate is taking the Medical-Surgical Nursing Exam, there are 2 separate #23 questions at the bottom of the page. (01:09:30)

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Molly: What's a pervert?
Kate: Nothing.
Molly: Can I have one?

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Trivia: When Dr. Fletcher is talking to Magdalena, he says there was a woman in the 80's who had amnesia. A reference to the original 1987 film, which was also set in Elk Grove.


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Question: Maybe I'm foolish but if they're poor then how does Kate afford a nice looking car?


Answer: Just because someone is low income doesn't mean they can't own a decent car. Kate could spend what little money she has to pay for her car and still consider herself poor because she has no money left over after paying bills. Plenty of low income people still own decent cars because they are more reliable and require less maintenance than an older car, and are thus a good investment. Kate has three children, works two jobs, and goes to school. She has to have a good car to get back and forth and there's no way she could afford a major repair on an older car, so buying a new car is actually a smart choice for her situation.


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