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Factual error: At the point where Jared Leto is released from prison he is picked up in a 1960 Black Chrysler Imperial. As the camera rises it shows the date as 1954. The car is used a few more times in the movie.

Continuity mistake: Nicke enters the room to execute a Yakuza after a woman cuffed both his wrists. When Nick shoots the cuffed Yakuza in the head, the cuff on the right is suddenly detached and bent out of shape.

Arwin de Parwin

Continuity mistake: In one scene Nick cuts off his two pinkies and a few scenes later the Yakuza guys are at the club drinking. When Nick drinks from his glass, you can see his pinky finger is back. (01:03:12)

Factual error: Almost mid-way in the movie there's a street scene in which a Vietnam era Huey helicopter flies overhead in 1954. (00:56:56)

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