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The Hurricane Heist (2018)

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Corrected entry: The dark haired brother is on the driver's side of the last bad guy "tractor" trailer at the end of the movie. It shows him being thrown off the tractor and falling to the ground. But all of a sudden he appears and takes over driving the tractor trailer.

Correction: That wasn't the brother that got thrown off the tractor. The brother grabbed the bad guy who was driving (the one that was shot) and pulled him out so he could get in.

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Continuity mistake: While Casey and Morris are video calling, Casey is holding the iPad perfectly and then suddenly it turns upside-down in a later shot. (00:13:35 - 00:14:42)

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Dixon: Fate works in crazy ways, like when I was sitting in a bar on my own, bitching about my lot in life, and right next to me was another man doing the same thing.
Perkins: What are you telling me this for? I was there, you idiot.

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Question: After the hackers get almost the entire code, they say that if they try to make a mistake the vault would be locked for 48h. Earlier in the movie they tried their obsolete code before discovering that it wasn't working. At that time why didn't the vault lock itself for 48h?

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