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Continuity mistake: When Lara is in the locker room, she's eating an apple. She's taken at least two bites out of it. Then, when Terry comes in, she has the apple in her mouth which has not taken a bite out of and is a different apple. It has different coloring.

Continuity mistake: As Lara is headed up to the boat's pilot house, she obviously leaves the hatch open, but a far away shot shows the door closed again, as she's climbing the ladder. When she goes back down, it's suddenly open again. You could claim it's the rocking of the boat, but as she's grabbing her gear, the door stays open.

Lord Richard Croft: All myths are foundations of reality.

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Trivia: Prior to this reboot, another film had been planned in 2011. Megan Fox was reportedly attached to the film, which would have been a full-on reboot with an entirely original story. That film never came to be, so the studio opted to try and make a prequel about a young Lara Croft's first adventure, rather than basing it on the older, more experience Croft seen in the games. Somewhat coincidentally, in the meantime, the video-game series itself rebooted with a new "origin story" in 2013's "Tomb Raider", which worked out, as it was the same sort-of prequel story the studio wanted to make into a film. While it took five years, the movie was eventually made.

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