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Corrected entry: Just before Lord Vader appears the first time (on the boarded consular ship, through the breached door), there is a Stormtrooper checking another trooper apparently dead on the floor (he's lifting the dead one's head). Then Vader enters, and the Stormtrooper quickly straightens up, dropping the head. It turns out the "dead" Stormtrooper was actually alive, however, because he carefully lowers his own head to the floor. (00:04:30)

Correction: People have been shown to take non-fatal shots throughout the franchise, including in this film. Also, that's the very purpose for wearing armor - to increase chances for surviving just such a hit. So there's no real reason why the man on the floor must be dead.

Corrected entry: In the Judland Wastes, right before Obi-Wan first appears, Luke is alerted to the presence of what turns out to be Tusken Raiders nearby and goes to investigate, instead of simply leaving with R2 and 3PO.

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Correction: Luke has an insatiable appetite for adventure, it is well within his behavior to investigate the Sand People; he even took a rifle with him suggesting he was expecting to engage with them.

Corrected entry: When Obi Wan Kenobi drops Luke as a baby to his uncle he is a fairly young man. In episode 4 given that Luke is only 18 or 19, why does Ben Kenobi look like he's in his 60s or 70s? He couldn't have aged that much in 20 yrs.


Corrected entry: I'm not a specialist in audio equipment, but when the Jawas are transporting R2-D2, one of them has what I think is a microphone in his pocket.

Dr Wilson

Correction: Jawas are Junkers, meaning that he could be carrying just random junk.

Corrected entry: If the Death Star disposes of garbage by crushing it in those giant compactors why is the red-eyed tentacled monster that attacks Luke still alive in there? How does it avoid being smashed up into pulp along with the trash?

Correction: The dianoga (which is sort of like an octopus with an eye on a stalk) leaves the compactor prior to the walls closing. You can hear a door opening prior to the creature releasing Luke.

Corrected entry: When Ben gives Luke a helmet for his light sabre practice, Luke is struck by a laser bolt by the ball, to which Ben replies "Stretch out with your feelings". At this point you can see Harrison Ford turn away and start laughing before the scene ends.

Correction: At this point, Han has no belief in the Force, and Luke's exercises seem ridiculous to him. It's not out of character for him to have to turn away and laugh. Rude, but not out of character.


Corrected entry: When Ben makes the noise to distract the two stormtroopers just before he walks off you can see him look to his right. But what was there to look at apart from other crew and equipment?

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Correction: He was making sure that nobody was watching him.

Corrected entry: The soldiers inside the blockade runner hear the ship docking with the star destroyer before the two ships even come in contact.

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Correction: What they're hearing is the effect of the tractor beam that the Star Destroyer's using to pull the blockade runner into its docking bay. Parts of the ship are flexing under the strain.

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Corrected entry: When C-3PO says he speaks a cousin language to "Bacche", the uncle says "close enough". There is an expression, "Close only counts in Bocce". Bocce is Italian lawn bowling where you try to get a ball as close as possible to another.

Correction: That's not at all how the conversation goes. Lars asks if 3PO speaks Bocce, to which 3PO replies "It's like a second language to me". Lars then asks him to shut up and turns to the Jawa to finish the deal. At no point does anyone use the words "close enough".


Corrected entry: When the stormtroopers breaks into the Blockade Runner, the explosion leaves a lot of debris on the floor, but when Lord Vader arrives a little bit later, there is much less debris.

Dr Wilson

Correction: The debris would have been moved by all the personnel (rebel soldiers and stormtroopers) moving about. Also, there are a lot of dead bodies, these would cover up a lot of debris.

Bruce Minnick

Correction: Also, since it is implied that the stormtroopers moved the bodies out of the middle of the hallway (since we see them lined up on the side rather than sprawled out in the middle), they probably also moved any debris that was in the hallway out of the way as well.

Corrected entry: When the rebels are preparing to attack the Death Star, Luke is told that the exhaust port he must hit is only two meters wide. Meters? Isn't it a little odd that the world of "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" uses "our" metric system? Especially considering that its units were (originally) based on the circumference of the Earth?

Correction: You have a problem with that and you don't think it's a little odd that they're all speaking English? As with any film of this type, things have been translated into terms that the audience will be able to understand. Standard cinematic practice; not a mistake.

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Corrected entry: Special Edition mistake. For the SE release George Lucas added a deleted scene with Jaba the Hut and some bounty hunters looking for Han Solo and Chewbacca at the Millennium Falcon. Since Boba Fet had become such a popular character, he added him in too. The problem is the in the Star Wars Holiday Special (which aired November of 1978) Chewbacca meets Boba Fet for the first time with Luke Skywalker. Now it is true that George Lucas said that if he had the time and a sledge hammer he would smash ever copy of the Holiday Special, BUT it is still a part of the Star Wars Universe, and therefore still canonical.

Correction: Since only the movies are canon and The Holiday special aired on TV, any discrepancies are invalid.

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Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when the rebel pilots are attacking the Death Star, red leader was able to get a shot off at the thermal exhaust port. He reports the proton torpedo didn't go in. Rather, it impacted on the surface, evidenced by a massive explosion. but when Luke gets off his shot, there is no visible damage to the exhaust port.


Correction: There is an extreme closeup when Luke's torpedo enters the port. If Red Leader missed by a significant margin, we wouldn't see the damage.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: In the scene where the rebels are in the briefing room for the attack on the Death Star, the guy explaining the attack says that they will need Proton Torpedos because the exhaust port is ray shielded. When Luke finally gets the torpedos in, there are not any ray shields. (01:40:35 - 01:57:00)

Correction: Just because they're not visible, it doesn't mean that they're not there. You'll note, if you pay attention, that shields in the Star Wars universe are invisible unless they're actually being fired upon, in which case their presence can be detected by the reaction of the laser blasts. Proton torpedoes just go straight through with being affected.

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Correction: According to IMDb and Wikipedia Mr. Lawson has used both spelling of his name during his career, using Dennis in his early career which included the "Star Wars" movies. No mistake.


Corrected entry: When Luke announces to Princess Leia that he has come to rescue her and tells her that he is here with 'Ben Kenobi', Leia also says 'Ben'. But since Kenobi had been widely known as Obi-Wan and the name Ben was a semi-alias he had adopted for his exile on Tatooine, how comes that she would call him 'Ben'? (In the novelization of the original story she bursts out of the cell calling for Obi-Wan, not Ben.).

Correction: Her mission was to find and contact Obi-Wan Kenobi. She knew what planet he was living on, it stands to reason she would also have known the name he was living under.

Corrected entry: When Luke and Ben first see R2D2 and C3po, Ben says he doesn't remember owning or know the droids, but we know he knows them from episodes 1 - 3.

Correction: Obi-Wan never says he doesn't know the droids. Just that he never owned them. R2-D2 claimed to have been owned by Obi-Wan, Luke passed the comment along to him, and Obi-Wan denied it. It's not a mistake. Even if Obi-Wan were lying, it'd still just be a character decision.

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Correction: He's not lying. Obi-Wan never owned a droid. Anakin owned R2-D2 and the only other droids Obi-Wan is to use were in ships and presumably owned by the Jedi Order.


Corrected entry: Considering how expensive the Death Star was you would think that they would be able to afford decent chairs, during the first scene at the big table the back of Tarkin's chair wobbles like hell, especially when he first walks in and sits down. (00:36:00)

Correction: Not understanding something or giving your opinion of what you think should be done does not make it a mistake. There are several reasons that the chairs could wobble, including the fact that an object as large as the Death Star might be prone to being hit by space debris (meteors, etc.) and the chairs need to move a little in response.


Corrected entry: When Luke's uncle is next to the jawa transport telling Luke he can't go to Toshi's station with his mates, look in the background and you can see a line going through the background board and you can see a line on the floor where the board stands.

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Correction: There is no 'background board'. This scene was shot outdoors in a real desert. The vertical line is the tall antenna of one of the rearmost robots, and the horizontal line is a rut in the dry desert floor. In my screen-shot, note the antenna ends below the transporter's overhang, and doesn't pass behind it as a 'background' would. No mistake here.

Corrected entry: Why does C-3PO, upon 'returning' to Tatooine, not recognize the place of his creation, or the Lars family moisture farm, where he HAD briefly visited in the first movie.

Correction: At the end of Episode III, Revenge of the Sith, Senator Bail Organa orders Captain Antilles to, "Have the protocol droid's memory erased.", referring to C-3PO. That's why many years later in Episode IV, A New Hope, C-3PO has no recollection of his surroundings or anyone he knew at that time.

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Star Wars mistake picture Video

Other mistake: When the stormtroopers break into the control room, the stormtrooper on the right of the screen hits his head on the door frame. On the DVD release they've added a thump when he hits it. (01:18:55)

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Luke: How did my father die?
Obi-Wan: A young Jedi named Darth Vader, who was a pupil of mine until he turned to evil, helped the Empire hunt down and destroy the Jedi knights. He betrayed and murdered your father.

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Trivia: On its initial release, the film was booked in just 37 theaters. It ended up breaking 36 house records.

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Question: There's a HUGE rumor that's been going around since Return of the Jedi came out: There's actually three more scripts (besides the prequels). Is there, in fact, a Star Wars: Episode VII, Episode VIII, and Episode IX? If so, what are they about?

Answer: While planning Star Wars, Lucas had a vague notion of doing a long series of movies inspired by old serials, then dropped that idea in favor of just one. When Star Wars became a phenomenon and sequels became feasible, Lucas revisited the idea. He thought of three trilogies along with some stand-alone "in-between" stories for a total of 12 films. By the time of The Empire Strikes Back's release, this was pared down to the 9 mainline films, going by interviews with Lucas and the cast at the time. By Return of the Jedi, Lucas had decided to end the saga there, with the option that he could revisit the first three at some later point. It's unclear if Lucas ever had any specific story ideas for the proposed sequel trilogy, and they never had any scripts. Producer Gary Kurtz suggested in an interview they would've been about Luke's twin sister (not Leia), though many fans are skeptical about just how much he would know about them. Of course since this question was asked a sequel trilogy was written and released.

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Answer: This was long a long-standing rumour, but George Lucas always denied it. He allowed various authors to cover the history of that time period in book form - if he'd had any serious intention of doing films set in that timeframe, he wouldn't have done that. Since that time of course Disney took over the franchise and has announced new films, but entirely separate from the previous "expanded universe" of the novels, and not involving any ideas George Lucas may have had in the past.

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Answer: I'm not sure how old this question is but it is a sequel trilogy. Episode VII : The Force Awakens is about a scavenger and former stormtrooper teaming up the Resistance to attempt to defeat the new First Order and Kylo Ren (Ben Solo). Episode VIII : The Last Jedi is about Rey finding Luke Skywalker who is in exile hoping that he would be left alone, and he tells the story of how he tried to murder his nephew who in retaliation, turned to the dark side. Episode IX : Rise of Skywalker is about the return of Emperor Palpatine and recovering Sith Wayfinders that will lead them to Exegol and kill him, with Billy Dee Williams returning as Lando Calrissian.

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