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Trivia: Spoilers: There's a pretty subtle bit of foreshadowing in Gary's house. When he's seated and the group is playing Jenga, if you look behind Gary, there are two old-fashioned guns on the mantle. The way the shots of Gary are framed throughout the scene, both guns are pointed right at him several times. Later in the movie, Gary ends up being shot twice by two different guns - once by a gun loaded with blanks and once by a gun loaded with live ammunition.


Factual error: Max could not have been accidentally shot when Annie drops the revolver. She dropped it when she was startled by firing it into the ceiling so the hammer would still be sitting on the spent/empty shell casing. The trigger or hammer must be pulled back in order for the cylinder of a revolver to rotate to the next live chamber.

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Annie: Any of you fucking pricks move, I'm gonna execute every motherfucking last one of you.

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Trivia: There's a scene after the credits showing what Gary's ex-wife Debbie is up to, and is worth sticking around for.


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Question: Was any of the movie shot on film? IMDb has Arri and RED digital cameras listed, but there are couple scenes (especially early on) that seem to have noticeable graininess that looks much more like traditional film grain than the digital "noise" you sometimes get in modern movies.


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