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Corrected entry: When Michael makes his video starting off with "Hey beautiful", his phone seems like a phone from 2013 with its massive bezels, but the movie is set in 2028.

Correction: There's nothing to prevent future technology (or any technology) from using a retro look or style, and the film doesn't have to explain why. There's no mistake for a non-existent phone in the future having massive bevels.


Continuity mistake: In the car at the start, when Hamilton says it's like the fourth blackout today, Michael corrects her and says it's the fifth. When he says this, he is leaning forwards some as he looks up out the windshield with his mouth partly open. It cuts to a different angle and suddenly he's leaned back in his seat fully and his mouth closed. (00:01:30)

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Mundy: Hey guys, check out my arm. I think my arm is trying to write something.

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Question: Spoiler Warning: when Tam is killed in the space station by the water flooding out of the vents, and then freezing her when the air lock breaks, it is simply stated that the water was from condensation. However even on a space station that big I don't see how that much condensation could have built up in such a short time to be able to flood an entire air lock room. So my question, is is it supposed to be that the water was actually coming from the other Shepard space station? The other Earth news cast they managed to pick up showed that the Shepard station from that universe had crashed into the ocean and was drowned. So was the water in theirs supposed to be sort of moving through a dimensional portal linked between the space stations, so that they were getting ocean water from the crashed Shepard into theirs? Or was it really just an insane amount of condensation build up?

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