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General Korchnoi: She made a fool out of you, Ivan.

Matron: The Cold War did not end, it merely shattered into a thousand pieces.

Factual error: When Dominica is tasked with swapping Intelligence using a laptop in the hotel, she is using floppy discs which is highly unlikely in the realm of international espionage. Not only do they not hold enough info at only 1.44MB each, but laptops have not had floppy drives for quite some years and this movie is supposed to take place in 2017.


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Question: Wouldn't her freshly bleached hair go green from the chlorine?

Answer: Chlorine can turn bleached blonde hair a shade of green. Pouring apple cider vinegar over hair before swimming can help prevent it changing. However, being as this is a movie, realistic details like this are ignored for the sake of storytelling.

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