Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Trivia: If I am correct the Yoman who gives Kirk the status report he signs on the bridge is in reality William Shatner's daughter, Melanie Shatner, who had also appeared in TOS Episode Miri as one of the children.

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Trivia: This probe which the Klingon ship destroyed is either the Pioneer 10 or 11. This is based on the plaque it carries. The Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft, launched a few years after the Pioneer spacecraft, had a child on their plaques along with the man and woman.

Trivia: The sound effect used for the brig prison bars is the exact same effect used in Predator when you see from the POV of the Predator in thermal mode.

Trivia: The Vulcan word for Heaven or Eden was Sha Ka Ree, an intentional play on the name Sean Connery, the first actor asked to play the role of Sybok.

Trivia: Producer Harve Bennett appears as the Starfleet Officer who orders Kirk and the Enterprise back into action.

Trivia: Enterprise-D sets from Star Trek the Next Generation 24th Century were use for filming the corridors and sickbay scenes. A 24th Century LCARS panel is partially seen when Scotty is shown lying in sickbay.

Trivia: As Scotty holds the bag Uhura brought him, you can see that his right middle finger is missing. James Doohan suffered the loss of it during the war, and so usually kept his hand closed when it was on screen.

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Trivia: Just before Kirk tells Scotty to open the bay doors of the Enterprise, a beeping sound is heard inside the shuttlecraft. This same sound effect is heard inside the Russian spacecraft during the probe scene in 2010: The Year We Make Contact.


Other mistake: Spock lifts his crew mates with the rocket boots. He passes deck numbers 35 through 78 from bottom to top. First off, deck numbers go from top to bottom. The bridge is on deck 1. Second, the Enterprise of that class only had 23 decks.

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Bones: "You'll have a great time, Bones. You'll enjoy your shore leave. You, you'll be able to relax." You call this relaxing? I'm a nervous wreck! If I'm not careful, I'll end up talking to myself!

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