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Corrected entry: I-R0k could have just immediately log out of the oasis by removing his VR Visor like Art3mis did in AECH's shop instead of trying to reach a portal when Sorrento activated the catalyst.


Correction: This has already been corrected. In a PvP region like battleworld there is more needed than a simple removal of the VR glasses to log out or anyone about to be killed can prevent that by simply removing their VR, which would be cheating. Only a portal can log someone off. Aech's shop isn't a PvP region of course.


Corrected entry: How come people using the OASIS have their haptics on full effect for battle? Couldn't they just disable, or literally cut out the haptics during battle to avoid feeling pain? When fighting in the OASIS, the "pain" is really your own suit hitting you, so why hasn't anyone just disabled them?

Correction: The players don't all already feel the pain in the first place. Most of them just have on gloves and some gestural sensors on them to track their body movement and have the goggles on. It's only those with the enhanced special suits like the Boot Suit, who feel the extra sensations like pain and pleasure. It's not that these people don't turn off their pain, it's that they chose to feel it in the first place. It's an expensive luxury.

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Correction: Because the suits give a better control of your avatar in the game, you movements are much more accurately copied into the game and thus you are able to do better. I suppose they can't turn off the pain alone, or nobody would have it.


Corrected entry: The race takes place in Delta city (Detroit) from Robocop. (00:10:20)


Correction: This is actually incorrect. The race is in Manhattan. The portal Parzival takes to the race even shows as "Liberty Island." And they even race through China Town of Manhattan when they come across the T-Rex just before seeing King Kong on the Empire State Building. However, when Aech's truck knocks the 60's Batmobile off the bridge and she's stopped, there is a billboard behind them as Art3mis is ramping off the bridge that is advertising Delta City as a nod to RoboCop.

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Corrected entry: At the end, when he's in the room where Halliday grew up, with the younger version of Halliday, Young Halliday is playing Yar's Revenge with what appears to be an Intellivision and Intellivision controller. Yar's Revenge was an Atari game.

Correction: Since Halliday created the Oasis, he could have altered any portion of it to his whims, especially a portion not accessible to just anyone, so it's not much of a stretch for him to have altered a tiny detail such as which games he was able to play on any given console; he could have chosen this particular setup for any number of reasons such as personal preference, aesthetics, nostalgia, etc.


In addition, he may have just made an error due to age.

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Corrected entry: When Aech is using the Halo Assault Rifle on Planet DOOM, she blasts through a few enemies, ducks and rolls as she goes through a trench on a large kill streak, firing many rounds. When she comes up and shoots someone behind them in the one long continuous shot, she has not reloaded her weapon at all. Yet the ammo indicator on the weapon shows there to be 32 rounds in the magazine. The Halo Assault rifle only holds a 32 round or 36 round ammo magazine. It is only after that moment that we see the ammo count on the weapon that it starts counting down with her shots. So her weapon is still fully loaded after that stint in a single camera shot without reloading. (00:05:20)

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Correction: She could have picked up or bought a temporary upgrade, or powerup, to her weapon that doubles or triples her ammo count once, but that wouldn't show up on the indicator. PvP in the Oasis doesn't follow the rules of the games people adapt their weapons to. Next to that, reloading the assault rifle in Halo is a near invisible act.


Corrected entry: The team claims to have hacked the Bossman's chair to make him think he got out of the game while he was still in it. However, getting out of the game when he is done with it only means physically removing the tech from his eyes. You cannot be convinced that you pulled it off without physically pulling it off.

Correction: Sorrento was also wearing a suit and gloves that allowed him to feel everything in the oasis. You see Wade fall for real when Artemis kicks him at the dance club because it was so real as well as Sorrento feeling the after effects of Wades kick to his groin. So when he "exited the oasis" he felt the virtual version of his headset, thinking it was the real one.

Corrected entry: At the end there is mention of 3 Atari 2600 titles in the Swordquest series. However, there were 4.

Correction: Swordquest: Airworld was never released so therefore it was unplayable on the virtual Atari system in the Oasis.

Corrected entry: Wade lived with his aunt and played his game in a separate location. When he calls his aunt on the phone, her boyfriend grabs the cellphone and tells him to never call there again. This does not make sense considering he lives there.

Correction: His aunt's boyfriend is an idiot and a jerk. He thinks he has a right to tell people what to do just because he can beat them up.

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Continuity mistake: Right in the beginning, Wade hops out a window from his home and starts walking beside it to the edge to climb to the next level down. As he starts walking he passes by another window with a curtain. It then cuts to a closer angle and suddenly the window no longer has a curtain. Also a wire appears on the wall in front of him. And you can tell it is the same house, not a time jump, as the rust at the top of the window frame is exactly the same. (00:01:15)

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Halliday: Why can't we go backwards... for once? Backwards, really fast. Fast as we can. Heh heh. Really put the pedal to the metal, you know? Bill and Ted did it. (00:25:10)

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Trivia: In the video that Halliday left behind after his death, you see floral arrangements around his coffin that are in the shape of the Star Trek's Federation symbol and one of the Enterprise. But the really cool thing is his coffin is actually a photon torpedo, exactly like Spock was put in after his death at the end of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Complete with the blue Federation flag draped over the end of it. (00:08:05)

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