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Hugh Jackman leads the show as a somewhat re-imagined P.T. Barnum in The Greatest Showman, loosely based upon the world-famous circus persona and the inception of his entertainment business. Musical, upbeat and as colorful as the show it is based upon, The Greatest Showman is not history or a biography but a candy-wrapped presentation of a glimpse into the circus phenomena that is nostalgic, whimsical, sometimes tumultuous but ultimately uplifting. If you enjoy musicals and the circus, and don't mind some drama and modern messages of inclusion, acceptance and family thrown into a period film, give The Greatest Showman a chance to bring you under their Big Top awhile.

The Greatest Showman did not work for me. It is clear that just about every single individual involved in the production of this movie, whether it is cast or crew, put all of their effort into it. The cast are very good singers and the choreography put into the musical sequences is outstanding.

However, I could not help but get this superficial feeling when watching it. The movie tries to deliver a heartfelt message and themes about equality and not being afraid to be different, but it ultimately lacks a sense of complexity or intelligence within itself for them to leave an impact, and the characterization felt really thin, despite the efforts of the cast.

The Greatest Showman is a well made movie, but the emotions it was trying to evoke never hit home for me, despite the work put into it.

Casual Person

An excellent musical masterpiece from start to finish. Brings alive the history of the circus

Ssiscool Premium member

The Greatest Showman mistake picture Video

Continuity mistake: During the "This is me" sequence, the tattooed man is wearing a red cape. During the last few seconds of the song, he loses the cape and then it reappears again. (00:59:55)

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P.T. Barnum: No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.

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Trivia: It is portrayed that P.T. Barnum starts the circus while he is relatively young. However this was not the case. He was already 60 when he started his now famous circus.

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Question: Why couldn't young P. T. Barnum or his father retaliate against Charity's father for striking him?

Answer: In those days that would be a normal punishment for P.T.'s behaviour. His father could have said something but did not want to lose a customer. P.T. also did not want his father to lose a customer because they knew getting money was worth taking the hit. If they had enough money to miss one customer it may have been different.


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