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Revealing mistake: While Barnum and Phillip are singing "The Other Side" Phillip knocks over the first stool then steps on its side, and in this closeup we can see the extra two flat bars attached between the legs, for him to easily step on. We also see that the stool's seat is perfectly round in the closeup, but in previous and following shots, such as when Carlyle jumps off the bar then grabs his hat, one side of the seat has been cut to allow it to rest flat on the floor while on its side. Presumably, the closeup was digitally edited to make the seat appear round. (00:38:05)

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Revealing mistake: Barnum gets down off the elephant and pats its leg, missing it, and his hand passes through its leg as he brings his arm down to his side. (01:37:00)


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Suggested correction: He doesn't miss the leg, and when his arm goes down it goes down behind the elephant's leg.

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The Greatest Showman mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Barnum goes to see Charity by the beach at the end of the film, they embrace. As the camera shows a close up of their faces Charity's head is on Barnum's right shoulder, but when they reverse the shot to show her expression she is now on his left shoulder. (01:30:10)

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P.T. Barnum: No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.

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Trivia: Making a film based on P.T. Barnum had been a passion project for star Hugh Jackman for some years before it was finally made. Reportedly, what kept the film from being made sooner was the fact that most major studios were apprehensive about producing an original musical not based on a pre-existing film or stageplay.


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Question: Why was Zendaya considered as one of the "freaks" (like they called them), even though she looked normal?

Answer: I'm pretty sure because she was a person of colour.

Answer: Her brother said people of the time didn't want to see colored people on the stage. It's clear throughout the entire movie that she faces undue discrimination from the public just for not being white.

Answer: There were other people in the circus who were just normal but had amazing abilities.

She was half black and half white.

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