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Corrected entry: At the end when PT hands over his top hat to Philip, Philip has a coat with tails. They disappear during his number. In fact they disappear mid-shot - he runs onstage and they're there when he starts sliding, but disappear in the split second he's behind a woman in a purple dress. (01:34:25)

Correction: This is not a mistake or slip-up of any kind. This shot was cut seamlessly and quite beautifully. It's a rather poignant moment, done creatively to be symbolic of Phillip's new role as the Ringmaster. Phillip rushes to the ring wearing Barnum's top hat and carrying his cane. So as Phillip slides into the ring he's actually sliding into his new role, and his simple old coat with tails transforms into a Ringmaster's elaborate coat. Phillip's new coat has full frontal gold frogging, two gold braid epaulettes, embellished black/gold accented collar and sleeve cuffs, and gold braid trim. This is an artistically brilliant shot, not a mistake at all.

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Corrected entry: At the end the museum burns down to the ground and Barnum and Phillip decide to open up again. However once the new circus is open we see Barnum leave to see his daughter perform in the ballet. But in reality it was over 5 years from when the museum burnt down to when the circus opened. Yet his daughter is the same age.

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Correction: Within the movie's storyline, the tented circus opens a short time after the building burns down, despite the fact that "in reality" it was 5 years. This film is not a historical documentary. It's a highly fictionalized story loosely based on a few real people and real events, and as such they're not obligated to be factually accurate, which is a standard accepted movie convention.

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Corrected entry: Young Charity has bright blue eyes while adult Charity has brown eyes.

Correction: A person's eye color can change as they mature to adulthood.

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Visible crew/equipment: While Barnum and Phillip sing "The Other Side" Phillip uses two stools to get up and down from the bar top. When he steps down from the bar top, in this wideshot (also the first shot of them in the pub and other shots) the two upright stools Phillip used are secured with additional support, note the floor area underneath the stools' legs have the same pattern as the rest of the floor, though we can see the outline where the pattern's lines don't match up. Additionally, we also see three actors' marks (in the shape of an "L") on the floor in front of the bar, which will be where Barnum and Phillip will stand when they agree on the ten percent. (00:36:05)

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P.T. Barnum: The noblest art is that of making others happy.

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Trivia: In the opening credits there's a hidden image of Wolverine's arms with his claws out. To add a meta level to it, there's an image of an actual Easter egg in place of Wolverine's head.


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Question: Why couldn't young P. T. Barnum or his father retaliate against Charity's father for striking him?

Answer: In those days that would be a normal punishment for P.T.'s behaviour. His father could have said something but did not want to lose a customer. P.T. also did not want his father to lose a customer because they knew getting money was worth taking the hit. If they had enough money to miss one customer it may have been different.


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