Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)

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Corrected entry: Alex, the pilot, could not have met Alan from Jumanji, because Alan came out of the jungle in 1995 and Alex went into the jungle in 1996.

Correction: Alex never meets Alan. He was simply living in the treehouse Alan built and had knowledge of him being in the game before.


Corrected entry: If the events of the first film were reversed after Alan Parrish won the game and he was returned to his own time as a boy why would his shack still exist in the game?


Correction: This is a question, not a plot hole. It would seem what happens in the game stays in the game.

Adding to this, the game appears to be its own universe that's laws are not effected by what it does to Earth.

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Corrected entry: The console being played only has 4 controllers, but 5 players are required to complete the game.

Correction: Regardless of how many controllers the console uses, it can take players one at a time or all of them at a time. It is not said there must be 5 players to finish the game, although it does make it easier.

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Visible crew/equipment: The scene where Spencer throws the boomerang for the first time and misses the bikers they take off running. While they are running from the bikers, there is a shot right before the boomerang hits the bikers where you can see a camera man sitting in the bushes on the left side. You don't have to pause it, but can to see it better. (00:36:30)


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Moose Finbar: You do not want to know what's under those rhinos! I saw things I can never unsee, things that touched me.

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Trivia: In addition to the more obvious nods to the original (including the name "Alan Parish" being scratched into the hut), all of the statues in the world of Jumanji are modeled after the game-pieces and box from the original film.

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Question: Is the villain Russel Van Pelt the son or nephew of the hunter Van Pelt from the first movie?

Answer: The Van Pelt seen in the sequel is a 're-imagined' version of Van Pelt due to the fact that Jumanji has evolved to become a video game, rather than a board game.

Same character, alternate universe.

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