Paddington 2

Paddington 2 (2017)

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Factual error: After breaking out of prison, Paddington contacts the Browns using his 50p coin to make the phone call. It is actually 60p to make a public phone box call in the UK.


Continuity mistake: The amount of ketchup and mustard on the prison chef's apron changes between shots.

Sacha Premium member

Continuity mistake: After Paddington shaves the judge's hair he smashes himself against the shop window. The amount of hair shaved is much less than in previous and further shots.

Sacha Premium member

Continuity mistake: The letter D scratched into the pop up book is in white when first written. When shown again later, it's written in black.

Quantom X Premium member

Deliberate mistake: Paddington puts a red sock in the load of prison clothes which turns all their clothes pink. However, it was a single red sock in the "uniforms" machine, but in the next scene the entire prison is wearing pink clothes now. The machine is nowhere near big enough to wash all the uniforms at once - the pile we see is huge.

Quantom X Premium member

Plot hole: It was said that Paddington was caught red-handed robbing Gruber's store however there is no evidence to prove this and most of all the stolen item; the pop up book wasn't in Paddington's possession.

Continuity mistake: Paddington gives chase on 'dog back' to the thief after he has stolen the book from the antiques shop, catches up with him, but the thief drops a smoke bomb and disappears. The dog is in shot as Paddington talks to the thief, but when the smoke bomb is dropped we get an aerial shot of the whole area and there's no sign of the dog.


Mr. Curry: We don't want him here!
Henry Brown: Of course you don't. You never have! As soon as you set eyes on that bear you made up your mind about him. Well Paddington's not like that. He looks for the good in all of us and somehow, he finds it! It's why he makes friends wherever he goes. And it's why Windsor Gardens is a happier place whenever he's around. He wouldn't hesitate if any of us needed help! So stand aside, Mr. Curry. 'Cause we're coming through.

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