Repulsion (1965)


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Movie Quote Quiz

John: Oh, come on. Fill us in with the gripping details.
Colin: The gripping details are that she had dinner with her sister.
John: Well, maybe you should try the sister.

Carol: I'm having dinner with my sister.
Colin: Is she a good cook?
Carol: I never even thought about it.
Colin: Well, at least it can't be any worst than fish and chips.
Carol: I think we are having rabbit.
Colin: Rabbit? Oh. I thought they'd all been killed off.
Carol: No. She has a friend.
Colin: A rabbit?
Carol: No, I think the friend has rabbits.
Colin: Poor bunny.

Carol: We all have to lead our own lives in the end, you know.

Landlord: There's no need to be alone, you know. Poor little girl. All by herself. All shaking like a little frightened animal.

Carol: Will we be going to see the leaning tower of Pisa?
Michael: I don't think Cinderella likes me.
Carol: Cinderella?
Michael: The little sister.
Carol: Aw, don't be silly. Well, are we going to see the leaning tower of Pisa?
Michael: She's a bit strung up, isn't she?
Carol: She's just sensitive, that's all.

Carol: We must get this crack mended.

Colin: Are you playing hard to get? I've been waiting over an hour.
Carol: What for?
Colin: Well, not for Christmas. We made a date. Remember? We're having supper tonight.
Carol: Oh, I forgot.
Colin: Well, next time you forget, maybe you'll let me know.

Trivia: The Cardigans song "Hanging Around" is inspired by this movie. We can see that the video of the song presents similar sequences from the movie, and even the song played in the movie while DeNeuve is taking a walk is similar to the one by the band.


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