Laura (1944)

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Waldo Lydecker killed Diane by accident, thinking that she was Laura. In his mind, if Laura could not be with him then anyone could have her, so with the help of the "twin clocks" he manages to hide a shotgun to kill Laura. Due to it being dark he could not see that it was really Diane. At the very end of the movie Waldo tries to kill the real Laura but is killed by a detective who accompanied McPherson to her apartment.


Mark McPherson: I suspect nobody and everybody. I am strictly trying to get at the truth.

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Question: Am I missing something? How is it possible for McPherson to fall in love with Laura?


Answer: While investigating her supposed murder, McPherson interviews many people who knew Laura and gave their personal accounts about her. The more McPherson learns about the beautiful woman, the more intrigued he becomes, eventually almost to the point of obsession. He was more infatuated and physically attracted than actually being in love with her.

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