Thor: Ragnarok

Trivia: Spoiler! There is a mid credit scene that features Thanos' ship.


Trivia: The helmet used by Thor is very similar to the classic helmet used by him in the comics.


Trivia: A Make A Wish child who visited the set suggested Thor's "friend from work" line about the Hulk to Chris Hemsworth.

Trivia: Spoiler - Thor takes the Asgard people in a space ship, like Beta Ray Bill did in the comics.


Trivia: Taika Waititi said "I would say we improvised probably eighty percent of the film, or ad-libbed and threw in stuff" in an MTV news interview.

Trivia: Cate Blanchett chose to do the movie for her children who are Marvel comics fans. Her eldest son suggested she play Hela as a career boost.

Trivia: In order to keep a light yet collaborative mood amongst the cast on set, around 80 per cent of the dialogue in the movie was improvised.

Trivia: In the comics, the Grandmaster has blue skin. Taika Waititi opted not to color Jeff Goldblum blue for this film since he already previously played a blue-skinned character in the film Earth Girls Are Easy. However, you can see Grandmaster's fingernails are painted blue, possibly as a reference to his comic counterpart.

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Trivia: Led Zeppelin's 'Immigrant Song' was chosen for the soundtrack because the lyrics mention Norse mythology.

Trivia: Chris Hemsworth bulked up to play Thor by working out 6-7 times a week and eating 6000 calories a day of a strict selection of foods.

Trivia: Anthony Hopkins originally didn't intend to return for this film, but upon reading the script, he changed his mind.

Continuity mistake: When Thor and Loki are in front of the Shady Acres care home, an old man wearing a black hat passes behind them but in the next shot a woman is there instead.


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Grandmaster: Revolution? How did this happen?
Topaz: Don't know. But the arena's mainframe for the Obedience Disks have been deactivated and the slaves have armed themselves.
Grandmaster: Ooh, ah, I don't like that word.
Topaz: Which? Mainframe?
Grandmaster: No. Why would I not like mainframe? No, the "S" word, the "S" word.
Topaz: Sorry, the prisoners with jobs have armed themselves.
Grandmaster: [Smiles] OK, that's better.


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Question: *Spoiler alert* Towards the end, Loki goes into Odin's treasure vault to get to the Eternal Flame and summon Surtur, who then destroys Asgard. We don't see Loki being rescued from the treasure vault. Thor assumes he is dead because he seems to be saying goodbye on the ship that has everyone escaping Asgard. How did Loki escape while everything was on fire?

Answer: In the shot at the very end of the spacecraft the Asgardians are on (after we know Loki is OK) we see the ship they stole from the Grand Master docked to the top of it. Loki flew that ship to the vault, presumably landed as close as possible, placed the crown in the eternal fire, and in the brief time it took for the fire demon to grow, had time to escape the vault, get back in the ship, and fly to safety. I thought Thor was assuming Loki would choose to go his own way rather than rejoin the others, and was pleasantly surprised that he decided to come along too.

Answer: He may have used the Tesseract which has been in Odin's vault since the end of The Avengers, which we know can be used to teleport from one place to another.


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