Thor: Ragnarok

As Hela's powers increase, the only way for the Asgardians to survive is by evacuating their homeworld on the giant ship stolen from the Grandmaster by Korg and the other gladiators. Thor, now blinded in one eye by Hela, realises they can't stop her themselves, so must cause Ragnarok to destroy her and save Asgard - the people matter more than the place.

Loki flies to the vault where Surtur's crown is stored, and places it into the eternal fire. This restores the demon to his full mountainous size, and he starts laying waste to Asgard, including killing Hela. Thor escapes with the others. Loki appears on board - Thor initially believes as a magical projection, but soon realises Loki has actually come to join them. He's still untrustworthy as ever of course, having already tried to betray Thor earlier, and he gave the infinity stone in Odin's vault a lingering glance as he passed it, so probably took that with him.

The ship sets course for earth, with the Asgardians looking to Thor as their new king. However a vast ship descends above them, almost certainly belonging to Thanos, setting up the events of Avengers: Infinity War.

In a scene after the credits, the Grandmaster returns to the surface of Sakaar while the population is still rebelling, and attempts to calm them down by calling a tie between his forces and theirs.

Jon Sandys

Continuity mistake: When Thor and Loki are in front of the Shady Acres care home, an old man wearing a black hat passes behind them but in the next shot a woman is there instead.


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Loki: I have been falling for 30 minutes!

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Question: Has anyone counted how many rounds Skurge fires near the end? They seem like regular M16's with only a 30-round magazine in them, and it seems like he shot off more than 60 total rounds. Plus he said he got them from Texas, so it's not like they were enchanted Asgardian weapons. Or do the comics mention anything about earth bound weapons gaining some sort of extended/unlimited ammo capacity that this scene is a nod to?


Answer: There's no mention in the movie that the weapons have been enchanted or improved so it is probably just the usual heroic movie convention of 'bottomless magazines'.

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