Happy Death Day

Factual error: One of the deaths involves a burning candle, a car and a leaking fuel tank, resulting in an explosion. This wouldn't happen. Multiple independent test evidence that petrol/gasoline can't be ignited this way, a flame isn't hot enough. Only the fumes can be ignited, which isn't what happens here, and the tank wouldn't explode anyway.

Continuity mistake: On the third and fourth day, Carter's roommate shows up earlier than the first 2 days. And Tree's suspect tips notebook every day don't reset and the line and erases are the same.

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Trivia: The killer's mask was designed by Tony Gardner. If that name sounds familiar, you're probably a big horror fan. Aside from the killer's mask in "Happy Death Day," Gardner also helped design the final look of "Ghostface" seen in the"Scream" franchise (albeit loosely based on an earlier design), worked on a number of cult-films including "Darkman, "Hocus Pocus" and the "Evil Dead" sequels, and has worked as the main effects supervisor on a number of the "Chucky/Child's Play" films.


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