Factual error: The lady hacked a tablet with he command mkdir -p on the command prompt. mkdir command is used to make a folder. (01:00:00)


Factual error: The German woman on the space station has got a German flag on her arm but the colors are in the wrong order in some scenes. The one on her arm is black yellow red but it should be black red yellow. They adjusted it in other scenes but some still show the wrong order.


Factual error: The film opens stating how a series of worldwide events destroyed major cities in the year 2019, and then the following scene shows a subtitle saying "three years later", implying the film's events take place in 2022. There are entire scenes where the President is rallying supporters for his re-election, however this is impossible since 2022 is not a presidential election year.


Continuity mistake: Near the end when Jake realises he has to go into space to get to the section he needs to access to put the code in, there is about 2 minutes and 50 seconds left on the Geostorm clock. The next shot he has a space suit on and proceeds into space. The next time the clock is shown it says around 1:40. There's no way he went and found that suit, put it on by himself, and got where he needed to be in under 1 minute.

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President Andrew Palma: It's genocide.
Leonard Dekkom: You call it genocide... I call it "pre-emptive strike".

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Question: In the beginning of the movie it shows the electric motor on an engine hoist, but he hasn't taken the old motor out yet. Wouldn't he need the engine hoist to get old one out before having the new one ready?

Answer: Not if he has more than one engine hoist.

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