Cult of Chucky

Trivia: There's a rather odd joke in which Chucky comments that he can't believe the television show "Hannibal" was cancelled. Writer/director Don Mancini was a writer and producer on the last season on "Hannibal."

Trivia: During Nica's dream-sequence, at one point we see two brief glimpses of Chucky in extreme close-up screaming, with half of his face missing. This is actually cleverly-reused stock-footage from the end of "Child's Play 3" when Chucky is killed.

Trivia: Chucky states that he got the spell to control multiple hosts at the same time on "" This is a callback to a joke from "Bride of Chucky", in which a book called "Voodoo for Dummies" was used to bring Chucky back to life.

Trivia: Spoilers. The idea of there being multiple Chuckies is something series creator Don Mancini has been trying to get into one of the movies since at least "Child's Play 3", four films prior.

Trivia: In the unrated version, be sure to sit through the credits. There's an extra scene at the end with a surprise cameo from a character last seen back in "Child's Play 2 " (Note: This scene does not appear in the R-rated cut, only the unrated).

Trivia: The film, set in a mental asylum, contains several brief allusions to the film "Once Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", including a comment from Chucky himself about it being like a "cuckoo's nest." Chucky voice actor Brad Dourif co-starred in the film "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" as the tragic character Billy.

Trivia: The scene where Tiffany calls Andy was added at the last minute. Originally, they didn't interact at all in the film. However, writer/director Don Mancini read several online posts from fans who were excited about the prospect of the characters meeting. So he quickly wrote a new scene where they could talk to each other over the phone.


Trivia: At one point, there was reportedly going to be a scene that explained Andy was well-off financially and had some minor wealth due to receiving insurance money and large pay-outs because of all the murders he witnessed and trauma he went through as a child. It was eventually decided that it simply wasn't necessary for this to be explained.


Trivia: If you listen closely, the last Chucky doll that is brought to life (nicknamed "Buzz-cut" due to his hairstyle) is voiced ever-so-slightly differently than the other dolls. Since he was only just brought to life towards the end of the film, director Don Mancini and Chucky voice-actor Brad Dourif reasoned that he was like a child. Thus Dourif made his voice sound a bit more rambunctious and also made his voice crack a little, like a boy going through puberty.


Trivia: The character Malcolm has split-personality disorder, and one of his "alters" is revealed to be Mark Zuckerberg. If you pay close attention, his "version" of Zuckerberg is actually based on Jesse Eisenberg's portrayal of him in the film "The Social Network." Actor Adam Hurtig and director Don Mancini thought it'd make sense and be a fun inside joke for Malcolm to emulate Eisenberg's performance as "The Social Network," reasoning that Malcolm had seen the movie, and that was what inspired his mind to subconsciously create the Zuckerberg "alter."


Trivia: The film was leaked, in its entirety, less than two weeks before it debuted on DVD, Blu-ray and Netflix.


Continuity mistake: Dr. Foley burns and melts the Chucky doll on his right hand with a lighter but when it cuts to a wide shot, Chucky's hand is completely fine.

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Chucky: Kyle?
Kyle: Andy sent me. We're gonna have some fun.

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Question: At the end of Bride of Chucky, the Tiffany doll has a stitched scar on her forehead from being hit with an axe by Chucky. In the end of Cult of Chucky, the Tiffany doll is revealed and does not have the scar she had previously. What happened to it?

Answer: It's been years since the injury. Maybe she transferred her soul to another doll? Maybe she repaired her head? Maybe she copied her soul into another pristine doll as she can now inhabit multiple hosts at once? Take your pick, as it's a relatively insignificant matter.


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