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Corrected entry: When Andy is trying to kill Chucky, one shot he is holding Chucky's arm but when he shoots Chucky in the chest, he's not. (01:19:00)

Correction: I just watched this scene and Andy is always holding Chucky's arm. He lets go after he's shot him in the chest.

Revealing mistake: When Chucky's disembodied head tries to bite Andy in the beginning, watch closely. When the plaque he's mounted too leans forward suddenly as Chucky snaps at Andy, you can see a rod underneath of it, which was used to make it move and lean forward by the puppeteers.

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Chucky: Kyle?
Kyle: Andy sent me. We're gonna have some fun.

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Trivia: There's a rather odd joke in which Chucky comments that he can't believe the television show "Hannibal" was cancelled. Writer/director Don Mancini was a writer and producer on the last season on "Hannibal."

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Question: Multi part question:1. Does this one ignore Seed Of Chucky? 2. Why did Tiffany change her appearance from Seed Of Chucky once human? 3. Why not have Brad Dourif's voice come out of the Nica character's mouth?


Answer: Well in Bride Of Chucky, unless that was a dye job, she had black hair. Here she's blonde.


She simply decided to dye her hair back to blonde. Human Tiffany was originally blonde in "Bride of Chucky," and she also dyed her doll-hair blonde when she turned into a doll. The only time she has dark hair is at the end of "Seed of Chucky" when she possesses Jennifer Tilly. But like I said... she simply decided to dye her hair blonde again in the meantime. She was also blonde in "Curse of Chucky." There's no real significance to it... she probably just wanted to have hair like she used to have.


Thank you, my bad. You're one of the sharpest people on this site. You should work for them.


Answer: 1) No, this film does not ignore "Seed of Chucky." While references to it are minimal, it is still considered official canon with the series. 2) I don't really understand how she changed her appearance. She still looks like Jennifer Tilly. You may need to elaborate on that. 3) In the context of the film, it's because he's taken over her Nica's body and is currently using her vocal cords to speak.


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