CBGB (2013)


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Johnny Blitz: Your dog is crappin' on the floor, sir.
Hilly Kristal: Yeah, he does that.
Michael Sticca: I piss in ice machines.

Genya Ravan: Look, you guys, you're not Nazis, okay? You're punks, and anything bad, anything wrong, you wanna do it. I get it. Now let's go have a bagel.
Cheetah Chrome: What's a bagel?
Genya Ravan: What's... What's a bagel? What part of Cleveland are you from? Cleveland, Germany?

Lisa Kristal: I just don't get it. Why did you risk everything on the Dead Boys? Was it the auto-asphyxiation or the self-mutilation?
Hilly Kristal: They could have been a bellwether.
Lisa Kristal: That's debatable.

Hilly Kristal: What kind of music do you play?
Terry Ork: Ohmmmm... new music.

Judge: This is your second failed attempt to run a bar.
Hilly Kristal: A club.
Judge: Divorced and two bankruptcies. Perhaps you should try something else.

Dee Dee Ramone: Hilly! Sire Records. This is the contract.
Hilly Kristal: Congratulations.
Joey Ramone: You pissed?
Johnny Ramone: I'd be fucking pissed.
Dee Dee Ramone: You're always fucking pissed.
Hilly Kristal: Are you kidding me? I'm proud of you guys.
Joey Ramone: Can't believe we got signed. We suck.

Hilly Kristal: Where are you guys from?
Cheetah Chrome: Cleveland, sir.
Hilly Kristal: Well, I'm impressed with the youth of Cleveland.
Cheetah Chrome: You shouldn't be.
Hilly Kristal: Why not?
Cheetah Chrome: Lot of losers.

Audio problem: When the Police play "Roxanne" for Hilly, the actors are just lip-syncing to the studio version; though his laugh has been edited out, the atonal piano chord at the beginning of the song, a now-famous gaffe from when Sting accidentally sat on a keyboard during recording, still remains.

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