Battle of the Sexes
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Astrodome TV Director: Zoom in on five. Is that a priest?
Control Room Worker: Yeah. If Bobby wins, she takes the groom's surname, but if Billie Jean wins, the groom takes her name.

Cuthbert 'Ted' Tinling: Now I have to ask, do you really intend to inflict blue suede shoes on ninety million members of the viewing public?
Billie Jean King: If they're good enough for Elvis, they're good enough for me.

Cuthbert 'Ted' Tinling: Times change. You should know you just changed them. Someday we will be free to be who we are and love who we love. But now... It's time to join the dance.

Bobby Riggs: You and me, Billie Jean. Three sets, five sets - your choice.
Billie Jean King: Are you drunk, Bobby?
Bobby Riggs: No, of course not. How about this: "Man vs. Woman." "Male Chauvinist Pig vs Hairy-Legged Feminist."

TV Reporter: Miss King said she will not play for the money but, in her words, "to put women's tennis and women's lib back where it belongs. Riggs said he issued the challenge because "I want to prove that women are lousy and they don't belong on the same court as a man."

Bobby Riggs: I'm gonna put the "show" back in "chauvinism."

Continuity mistake: When Billie Jean hits the winning shot against Bobby Riggs, she is inside the square closest to the net. However, when she throws her racket in the air in victory a second later she has moved outside the box, close to the center of the court.

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