Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Trivia: Taron Egerton refused to shoot the scene where he implants the tracking device into Charlie's girlfriend's groin, as he felt uncomfortable touching the actress in that area. The hand we see reaching down into the woman's underwear is actually the hand of the actress' husband, who gladly volunteered to "double" for Egerton's hand in that scene.


Trivia: Director and co-writer Matthew Vaughn wrote the script about two years before the film was released. While working on the script with his writing partner, he included the song "Country Road" and several references to the singer John Denver, as he felt it was odd that such a celebrated and known singer as Denver wasn't being referenced much in movies or TV anymore. Evidently Vaughn wasn't the only one who had this same idea, as amusingly and coincidentally, "Kingsman 2" ended up being one of many films released in 2017 that either featured Denver's music, referenced him or featured covers of his songs. (Other notable 2017 films in this group included "Logan Lucky" and "Alien: Covenant.").


Trivia: Poppy has two robotic dogs called Bennie and Jet, this is after a song by Elton John - Bennie and the Jetts. Elton John is also in the film.

Trivia: The main villain's name is "Poppy Adams," and she is a sociopath drug-cartel leader. This is appropriate, as the poppy plant and their extracts are used in the production of many illegal street-drugs.


Trivia: Spoilers. Originally, Merlin was meant to survive his apparent demise, albeit having lost his legs to the land-mine. He was going to humorously appear asking for a "bit of help" sans legs in a bit of dark humor. This was cut out after test-audiences found the idea that he lived hard-to-swallow.


Trivia: Famed singer Elton John appears in a supporting role, eventually helping the Kingsman out during the climax. Oddly enough, around the time this movie was released, Kingsman co-star Taron Egerton was offered the role of John in an upcoming biopic entitled "Rocketman."


Trivia: To date the only sequel to one of his own films that Matthew Vaughn has ever directed. Both the "Kick Ass" and "X-Men: First Class" follow-ups were directed by different people.


Factual error: The action takes place around the second half of June (either side of the Glastonbury festival weekend). At the beginning of the film leaving work early evening in time to get home for dinner, in the UK, it wouldn't be dark. Later on, there isn't that much snow in the Alps, especially below the tree line, at that time of year.


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Elton John: Now go save the world.
Harry Hart: If I save the world, will you get me two tickets to your next show?
Elton John: If you save the world, I'll get you a backstage pass, baby.

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Question: When the cable car is sliding down the mountain, they use a parachute with the Stars and Stripes on it. Is this a reference/tribute to Roger Moore's Union Jack parachute in "The Spy Who Loved Me"?

Answer: Yup.

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