Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Question: If you break the silence of Kingsman, how come Charlie and his family didn't end up in the body bag?

Question: When Merlin stepped on the land mine, why didn't he just wait there until Eggsy and Harry completed the mission? Surely he could have just stood there, then later on they could have called in bomb experts or use Statesman resources to get him off that thing? Eggsy and Harry could have easily taken out those 5 guards.

Answer: At the time, these people only had a really short time to save the world. Merlin thought that, with the landmine, he could sacrifice himself along with many guards to save the world.

Question: When the cable car is sliding down the mountain, they use a parachute with the Stars and Stripes on it. Is this a reference/tribute to Roger Moore's Union Jack parachute in "The Spy Who Loved Me"?

Answer: Yup.

Answer: Harry probably believed Whiskey told the Golden Circle where they were since none of them were followed. Then there is also that Whiskey shoved the antidote out of Eggsy's hand he started to suspect he did it on purpose.

Answer: While nothing is ever presented on screen to show which side he was on, there would be offscreen time to show evidence where Harry might have suspected him.

Factual error: The action takes place around the second half of June (either side of the Glastonbury festival weekend). At the beginning of the film leaving work early evening in time to get home for dinner, in the UK, it wouldn't be dark. Later on, there isn't that much snow in the Alps, especially below the tree line, at that time of year.


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Eggsy: We've got brains, skills, skipping rope?
Whiskey: It's a lasso.
Eggsy: Whatever.

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Trivia: Director and co-writer Matthew Vaughn wrote the script about two years before the film was released. While working on the script with his writing partner, he included the song "Country Road" and several references to the singer John Denver, as he felt it was odd that such a celebrated and known singer as Denver wasn't being referenced much in movies or TV anymore. Evidently Vaughn wasn't the only one who had this same idea, as amusingly and coincidentally, "Kingsman 2" ended up being one of many films released in 2017 that either featured Denver's music, referenced him or featured covers of his songs. (Other notable 2017 films in this group included "Logan Lucky" and "Alien: Covenant.").


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