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Factual error: The film shows the Eiffel Tower under construction. Several scenes of the film are set in Gustave Eiffel's workshop, where The Statue of Liberty is being assembled (the unfinished statue is the setting for a confrontation between Felicie and Regine). But the Statue of Liberty was transported to New York in 1885 where it was dedicated in 1886. Construction of the Eiffel Tower only started in 1887.

Rob Halliday

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Trivia: When Luteau crashes his motorcycle into a stump, he yells a Wilhelm scream.

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Question: What is the "terrible accident" that happened to Felecie's mentor? Did it have anything to do with the woman she works for?

Answer: When she was younger she was an extremely famous talented dancer, one day she was doing a show and it was just her on stage. The stage engulfed in flames, and she was seriously injured and could no longer dance.

Answer: She fell while dancing.

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