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Leap! (aka Ballerina outside of the U.S.A) is a sweet CGI animated film with a message about pursuing one's dreams and overcoming obstacles set in the City of Lights during the late 1800s. Félicie and her best friend Victor, both orphans, escape rural Brittany to do just that, one wanting more than anything to become a dancer and the other an inventor. Along the way, they discover their abilities and make new friends. During a year that saw Zootopia and Sing, this understated movie may have slipped by and gone unnoticed, but there's an attention to detail, vibrancy and energy that shouldn't be missed. The dancing, setting and Elle's voice performance as Félicie, elevate what could have been a fairly routine take on ballet and the overall message that all three movies cited here share: To believe in one's self. Still, watch for the beauty of a well-rendered CGI cartoon with a great dance-off between Félicie and Maggie Ziegler as Camille!

Erik M.

Factual error: Felicie, her rival Camille, and the other young dancers in the ballet school are all hoping to dance the part of Clara in a prestigious production of 'The Nutcracker'. The film shows the Eiffel Tower being built: this took place between 1887 and 1889. Tchaikovsky did not compose The Nutcracker until 1892. Also, early performances of The Nutcracker were unsuccessful. It was only from the 1930's that The Nutcracker became a popular work.

Rob Halliday

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Trivia: When Luteau crashes his motorcycle into a stump, he yells a Wilhelm scream.

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Question: What is the "terrible accident" that happened to Felecie's mentor? Did it have anything to do with the woman she works for?

Answer: When she was younger she was an extremely famous talented dancer, one day she was doing a show and it was just her on stage. The stage engulfed in flames, and she was seriously injured and could no longer dance.

Answer: She fell while dancing.

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