Needful Things

Needful Things (1993)


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Father Meehan: If there's a devil in this town, it's that damned Reverend Willie Rose.
Alan: You believe me now, Father? You still think he's a decent man? The Devil just blew up your damn church.
Father Meehan: That's not the Devil. It's those God-damned Baptists.

Leland: I've always enjoyed ladies who take great pride in themselves.

Father Meehan: When I was younger, people got along better.

Leland Gaunt: The young carpenter from Nazareth? I know him well. Promising young man. He died badly.

Gaunt: Don't blame me, blame it on the bossa nova.

Alan: Do you believe in the Devil, Father?
Father Meehan: I guess I have to. You can't have one without the other. Do you believe in God, Alan?
Alan: What's he look like?
Father Meehan: Look like?
Alan: Yeah. The Devil. What the hell does he look like?
Father Meehan: Well, he looks like you and me, I imagine.
Alan: So he could get his claws in us without our ever knowing, make us do things that we normally would never do. Terrible things.

Buster: I just killed my wife. Is that bad?
Leland: Hey, these things happen.

Leland: Kill them all. Let God sort them out.

Leland Gaunt: Don't be afraid of it, Hugh. Guns don't kill people. People kill people.

Leland Gaunt: When I started out I was just a peddler moving across the blind face of a distant land. Moving, always moving. Always gone... and in the end I'd always offer weapons. And they'd always take them. Of course I was gone before they realised what they'd purchased.

Leland Gaunt: If it's too hot in here, Mr. Jewett, just say the word. I'm afraid I have a tendency to turn up the heat.

Brian Rusk: Mickey Mantle sucks.

Factual error: When Mr. Gaunt puts the jacket on Hugh, he says it's 1955 all over again. The flashback occurs and Jerry Lee Lewis' "Great Balls of Fire" is playing on the car stereo. However, "Great Balls of Fire" wasn't released until 1957.


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Question: What does Netty say when Wilma calls her after she discovered the turkey **** all over her sheets? Wilma says "I'm gonna get you and your stupid mutt" and Netty replies with something that sounds like a foreign language before finally talking English again and saying "He's a good dog".

Answer: She says "You don't dare. You stop bothering me and my Raider." (Raider being her dog).


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