Girls Trip

Girls Trip (2017)

6 mistakes

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Visible crew/equipment: During the New Edition performance, the cameraman they were using for the close-up is visible in the middle of the stage behind Ronnie (center).


Audio problem: When they are in the run down seedy motel, they show Ryan talking with her back to the camera and just the side of her face showing, and her mouth doesn't say anything near what she was verbalizing in audio.


Continuity mistake: During the scenes when they are in the streets celebrating, a woman walks up with 3 drinks, then offers them to each of the girls, emptying her hands of all drinks. When the scene continues as she's walking away from them, she still has four drinks in her hands. (00:21:05)

Continuity mistake: During the party scene when Ryan and Sasha are arguing, a lady in the background is wearing white heels and then is wearing tennis shoes. (00:40:20)

Continuity mistake: During the party scene, many people's shoes change from heels to slippers/sandals.

Continuity mistake: In the bathroom the people in the background change each time the camera view changes. (00:42:55)


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