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Factual error: In the first frontal shot of Percival's Porsche following Lorraine, virtually every car parked at the side of the road is from after 1989, one of them not even being on sale until 2007. (00:16:10)


Revealing mistake: During the car chase when the car gets hit by the truck and goes into slow motion you can see the roll cage inside the car.


Factual error: Lorraine Broughton gets out of her ice bath and drinks vodka while a view of Big Ben and Portcullis House can be seen out the window. Atomic Blonde is set in 1989 and construction on Portcullis House wasn't started until around 1992 .


Factual error: In quite a few shots there are Hummer H1s which only started production in 1992. This film is set in 1989.

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Suggested correction: While the Hummer H1 began production in 1992, that was just the civilian model of the HMMVV (Humvee) which began production in 1984 by AM General. What is in the film isn't an H1. And if anyone tries to sell you a 1989 Hummer H1, they don't know what they're talking about or are lying.


Suggested correction: Hummer H1s were made in 1989 and can still be bought in Deutschland

Vehicles being labelled as such on a random website doesn't make it true. The Hummer H1 only started production in 1992. As such it's impossible for a 1989 model to exist.

Revealing mistake: After Sofia Boutella dies, she blinks in the next scene in the background. (01:33:05)


Factual error: James Faulkner is wearing Tom Ford glasses (James McAvoy too) - Tom Ford as a brand wasn't created until 2006.

Factual error: Berlin never had blue subway trains, east or west.

Continuity mistake: In the opening walk to the London meeting she walks by a parked blue MGB GT (reg E55...) twice on different roads, and then it passes her as well.

Factual error: The trench coat worn by David Percival has the collar tabs on the collar. East German trench coats never had collar tabs, only regular uniform jackets.

Factual error: I just don't buy the idea that you can fit an adult male corpse into the front luggage compartment of a Porsche 911. Especially if rigor mortis has set in.

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Suggested correction: You not believing something is not an error. Do you have any facts and figures to back up your statement? Have you actually checked the capacity of the front compartment?

David Percival: You can't un-fuck what's been fucked.

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Trivia: Charlize Theron cracked three teeth whilst filming the fight scenes.

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