Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
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Sergeant Laureline: It's our mission that doesn't make sense, sir.

Bubble: I know all of Shakespeare by heart.

Doghan-Dagui: We know how humans work. They are all so predictable.
Sergeant Laureline: Clearly, you have never met a woman.

Igon Siruss: I'm fighting for a noble cause, too. Mine.

Jolly the Pimp: Rules are rules and this is a place where we make love, not war.

Sergeant Laureline: I didn't come here to get a makeover.

Bubble: I'm afraid of a kiss, like a kiss from a bee.

Continuity mistake: Laureline is not wearing a safety harness when talking to Valerian, but it appears and disappears several times as the shot cuts back and forth to Valerian. Laureline then puts on the safety harness she was already wearing.

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Trivia: Igon Sirruss tells Valerian "I will find you and I will kill you," to which Valerian replies "Good luck." This dialog exchange is taken almost word-for-word from the film "Taken" as a bit of an inside joke, as "Valerian" director Luc Besson was also the producer and co-writer of the "Taken" film trilogy.

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